Jane Pryor is a British painter known for her abstract acrylic compositions.
Jane’s style is informed by the idea of ‘the opportune moment’ and the ‘space between’.
Jane’s refined technique enables her to create work which is at once balanced and harmonious and yet shifting and spontaneous.

London-born Jane Pryor is a British painter who creates colour field compositions which explore themes of improvisation and contemplation. Filling her canvases with flat expanses of colour, disparate shapes and patterns with little to no detail, Jane’s fragmentary and serendipitous approach to art stands out for its vibrancy and playfulness.

Jane Pryor’s Education and Career

Jane studied Fine Art at Central St Martins, graduating in 2002. She has also completed three years on a post-graduate Painting Correspondence Course with Turps Art School, London. Throughout her training, Jane has refined her abstract painting technique, creating work that is at once balanced and harmonious and yet shifting and spontaneous. Her work has been featured in Arthouse1, London, at the University of Cambridge, the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, and on Turps Correspondence tours.

Style and Approach

Jane is interested in the notion of Kairos which is understood as ‘the opportune moment’. The fragmentary, collage-like nature of her work and her elastic use of space reflects her passion for the ideation and creation of art as something that is not fixed but entirely mutable and open to interpretation. The idea of the ‘space between’ is also a favoured motif; the space between layers, the space between colours, the space between shapes, and most importantly, the space between looking, thinking and remembering. These elements can be seen in her bold acrylic paintings such as neon-coloured Heh, Come On and Someday it’s going to come.

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