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Dairo vargas

Dairo Vargas often takes inspiration from going to church as a child.
Over the years, Dairo has partnered with a number of children’s charities.
Dairo’s paintings often highlight the ethereal quality of the human form.

Colombian artist Dairo Vargas specialises in painting landscapes and portraits in a vivid and energetic Abstract Expressionist style. With a passion for the natural world and the vulnerability of the human condition, Dairo uses his art to create a spiritual journey for both himself and the viewer. Themes of love, life and death fill his canvases and probe at a deeper interpretation of his paintings. By abstracting the real and distorting the expected, Dairo’s gestural mark-making forms powerful pieces of art, bursting with emotion.

Dairo Vargas’ Education and Career

Born in 1978 in Colombia, Dairo had his first painting commission at the age of 16, giving him the confidence to pursue an artistic career. Training in Graphic Design, Dairo worked in the advertising industry for many years before chasing his dreams of becoming an artist. Dairo is now based in London, and since graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 2008, he has shown his art in New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Dubai and Hong Kong.


Dairo draws influence from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and combines the characteristics of traditional painting with a modern, expressive approach. Some of his works directly reference the old masters, either through his choice of colour, subject or composition. Much of Dairo’s inspiration comes from memories of going to church as a child, with the art of stained glass windows, paintings of saints and religious sculptures immersing him and still informing his art to this day.

Selected Works


Paintings - 54x64 cm

The Battle

Paintings - 64x54 cm


Paintings - 64x54 cm


Paintings - 64x54 cm

Breaking Through

Paintings - 80x70 cm


Paintings - 70x50 cm


Paintings - 70x50 cm


Paintings - 70x50 cm


Paintings - 87x67 cm


Paintings - 100x120 cm


Paintings - 49x49 cm


Paintings - 70x50 cm


Paintings - 90x70 cm


Paintings - 92x82 cm

Thin Air

Paintings - 95x95 cm


Paintings - 95x100 cm

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