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      Christo Sharpe

      Christo Sharpe's work is loved by foodies and perfect for kitchens or restaurants.
      Christo's smaller works are a very affordable way to invest in original art.
      Buy Christo's work for its strong style and Spanish connection.

      Clear, bold and confident, Christo Sharpe closes in on his subjects to pull your attention to the details. His strong colours and cropped compositions are delightfully simple and appealing. This is work that feels fresh.

      Sharpe is a lifelong painter who had a 20 year career in advertising before focussing on art. In 2009 he began spending time in Spain, which influenced his work and increased his popularity on the continent. He now lives and works there. His original oils often focus on food and produce: we say, dig in!

      Commission an artwork by Christo Sharpe

      We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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