Maryse Garel


Maryse Garel's works are those that immediately strike with their assertive composition. The palette, subtle but powerful, draws its source from its practice of outdoor paint. We then allow itself captivated by its work of the touch. A free, spontaneous, without compromise touch, which recalls the work of painters such as Albert Brenet or Andrès Zorn. A paint of fleeting moments: time leak and movements suspended his work is resolutely figurative, he is never descriptive. On the contrary, in the line of the painters which are dear to her, like Jondking, Sorolla or Franz Hals, she gives us living impressions with changing reflections. One of the originalities of her work is to impregnate each subject of an atmosphere that is Clean, without ever repeating yourself. All his canvases invite us to a constantly renewed contemplation of details and small pictorial flashes. A graduate of "Dupérré", -The prestigious national school of applied arts -maryse Garel practiced as a designer and colorist in the fields of architecture and interior decoration. Her work on color undeniably keeps the trace of these approaches when she sculpts the reliefs and creates rhythms with the energetic touch which makes her signature. High career of her career, she worked with Christoff Debusschère and painted with Ronan Olier. Alongside these two large travelers, she has strengthened her talent for painting on the pattern. Participating since 2012 to many artistic fairs, Maryse Garel has been awarded several times for her works in Gouache. It is with the recognition of her work that she was then offered in 2019 to integrate the function of official painter of the Army. She was thus able to take advantage of her role as a witness to give her narrative vision of facts through in particular her travel diaries. & Nbsp;

Selected Works

le petit pot bleu by Maryse Garel

le petit pot bleu

Paintings - 22x33 cm
Branche de cerisier by Maryse Garel

Branche de cerisier

Paintings - 46x61 cm
Bouquet de mai by Maryse Garel

Bouquet de mai

Paintings - 54x65 cm
Pivoines by Maryse Garel


Paintings - 55x38 cm
Bouquet d'asperges by Maryse Garel

Bouquet d'asperges

Paintings - 40x40 cm
Une petite soif by Maryse Garel

Une petite soif

Paintings - 38x55 cm
Le fond du panier by Maryse Garel

Le fond du panier

Paintings - 27x46 cm
Nature morte aux bouteilles by Maryse Garel

Nature morte aux bouteilles

Paintings - 45x53 cm
Les petits artichauts by Maryse Garel

Les petits artichauts

Paintings - 30x40 cm
Les jacinthes sauvages by Maryse Garel

Les jacinthes sauvages

Paintings - 54x81 cm

Presqu'île du Gaou

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Les platanes

Paintings - 92x60 cm

Au Guildo

Paintings - 55x46 cm

Éclaircie sur Arzon

Paintings - 65x50 cm

Citrons party

Paintings - 30x60 cm

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