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Jo di Bona & nbsp; is a French street artist born on the & nbsp; July 16 & nbsp; 1975 & nbsp; in & nbsp; Seine Saint-Denis. After a vandal period under the pseudo & nbsp; anoze & nbsp; in the 1990s and a musical period from 2000 to 2012 within the Rock & Nbsp; hotel group, he returned to the & nbspi; graffiti & nbsp; in 2013 by developing his own technique & nbsp; 2014, he won the & nbsp; 1st & nbsp; Prize of the Graffiti competition of the EDF1 Foundation. In the following years, he multiplied projects and gained recognition in the world of the French street & nbsp; French, exposing and participating in international projects. In 2016, he made the front page of the & nbsp; New York Times & Nbsp; International with an article for his fresco carried out as part of & nbsp; Wall of Love, located next to the restaurant & nbsp; Le Petit Cambodge, in response to the & nbsp; Paris attacks of November 13, 20152. In 2017, he is one of the first Street -French artists to be present and to exhibit at the & nbsp; seat of the UN & Nbsp; in New York as part of the Festival & Nbsp; Street-Art for Mankind3. In 2019, he became the godfather of & Nbsp; Murmurs, festival organized by the & nbsp; community of municipalities in Decazeville. He will provide programming with the help of his partner Amélie and will carry out four frescoes including one in collaboration with Astro (Astro ODV). This event is notable in the world of street art in France for the year 20194.Jo di Bona is a committed artist, who displays his convictions in his works or through projects in which he participates. He notably defends the values ​​of the family by supporting & nbsp; Emmaüs5, the & nbsp; Secours Populaire6 & nbsp; or the operation of yellow parts7. But there is also new topical subjects such as the crisis of Syrian migrants88, the cause & nbsp; LGBT+9, immigration10 & nbsp; or the female cause11. He works both on canvas in the workshop as on large walls in the street . He produces many works and frescoes each year.

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    Sans titre by Jo Di Bona

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