Miss Tic


Miss.Tic, an iconic figure in French street art, emerges like a poetic breath in the realm of street art. Behind the enigmatic pseudonym lies an exceptional woman, a pioneer in contemporary art and deeply committed.

Since the 80s, Miss.Tic has infused the streets of Paris with her provocative stencils and subtle wordplay. Her distinctive signature, an elegantly adorned woman, embodies the duality of femininity, oscillating between power and fragility.

As a committed artist, Miss.Tic uses her works to question society, the feminine condition, and human relationships. Her creations transcend the boundaries of graffiti, combining artistic finesse with social reflection. She engages in a dialogue with the city, transforming urban space into a place for contemplation and escape.

Over the decades, Miss.Tic has secured a prominent place in the international art scene. Her exhibitions, both in galleries and in open air spaces, evoke admiration and wonder. Her art, at the intersection of street art, poetry, and social critique, captivates a diverse audience. Miss.Tic left us in 2022, leaving behind a sublime legacy in the heart of our cities.

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