Paris Art For Sale

Browse our selection of Paris cityscape art for sale. Most cityscapes of Paris include the distinctive Eiffel Tower - a global cultural icon of France that was initially criticised by the country’s leading artists and intellectuals for its design. You can find and buy Paris art right here, with a selection that includes Paris Paintings, Paris Drawings and Paris Prints.…

Other monuments that have transformed the Parisian cityscape include La Défense, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre, one of the most recognisable and visited art museums in the world. While these are the obvious choices for some artists, many others choose to paint the city as viewed from its quaint cobblestone streets.

Taking inspiration from the Parisian skyline and other popular scenes is artist Maria Magenta who’s cityscapes of Paris explore Paris throughout its seasons, and from multiple perspectives. Maria paints figurative works and still life pieces that explore the contrast between the animate and the inanimate. Maria was born in Lychen, Germany and today she works in the city she loves to paint. Her work has been exhibited in galleries around Europe, the US and Russia.

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