Benoît Montet


Born in 1968, artist Benoît Montet lives and works in Paris. His paintings are inspired by his passion for the automobile, as well as for culture, and aesthetics from the 1930s to the 1970s. His works made in oil on canvas reveal urban scenes often inhabited by characters that arouse the imagination and restore a flamboyant era. The subtle and refined colors of his works, harmonize perfectly and sublimate all the interiors.

Selected Works

" Paris années 50 " by Benoît Montet

" Paris années 50 "

Paintings - 40x60 cm
" DS dorée " by Benoît Montet

" DS dorée "

Paintings - 40x60 cm
"Côte d'Azur " by Benoît Montet

"Côte d'Azur "

Paintings - 40x40 cm
"Architecture " by Benoît Montet

"Architecture "

Paintings - 60x90 cm
" Vue de ma fenêtre " by Benoît Montet

" Vue de ma fenêtre "

Paintings - 40x80 cm
" Pink Architecture" by Benoît Montet

" Pink Architecture"

Paintings - 75x100 cm
" Rainbow street " by Benoît Montet

" Rainbow street "

Paintings - 60x90 cm
" Freeway Entrance " by Benoît Montet

" Freeway Entrance "

Paintings - 56x106 cm
" Horizon " by Benoît Montet

" Horizon "

Paintings - 126x86 cm
Jaguar n°15 by Benoît Montet

Jaguar n°15

Paintings - 56x106 cm

Route 66

Paintings - 56x106 cm

" The last day "

Paintings - 56x81 cm

Raining day

Paintings - 56x106 cm


Paintings - 46x36 cm

" Coccinelle rouge "

Paintings - 36x66 cm

Disco Pontiac

Paintings - 66x126 cm

"Gulf 20"

Paintings - 106x81 cm

Taxi Station

Paintings - 126x86 cm


Paintings - 86x66 cm

DS blanche Taxi

Paintings - 46x66 cm

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