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Alain Pontecorvo

A fine eye and a desire to extend the look towards a priori ordinary subjects make Alain Pontecorvo an artist in its own right. Its still lifes, its portraits, its urban landscapes or its interiors are all recurring subjects but explored in a thousand and one ways.
Budding creator
Since the age of 3, Alain Pontecorvo has only one idea in mind: drawing everything he sees and paradoxically what no one really pays attention to. After studying at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, he attended the Estienne School's Eve evening for a year and perfected in fields that he particularly likes: typography and graphic and advertising art. It even creates a typographic character: Pontecorvo!
Alain Pontecorvo's career converges to advertise. He begins as a young artistic director at Havas before collaborating with other agencies. He then met Jacques Séguéla in 1971 with whom he worked 14 years. In 1976, he decided to get back to painting which he had obliterated at the start of his career.
The Pontecorvo style
Where he wanders, Alain Pontecorvo takes on a small camera and a sketchbook with him. A way to be able to immortalize any time and be able to satisfy this irrepressible need to create.
A traditional painter, Pontecorvo is the heir both of the Dutch, by his hard work on the light, and of the Italians, by the meticulous arrangement of its composition and the use of its pigments. Painter of today also, he oscillates between a romantic realism and modern realism.
In addition, an underlying expressionism propels his art beyond simple figuration and maintains the painter in line with visionaries. Thus, seeing and voyeur, idealistic and pragmatic, the art of Pontecorvo is a balanced art, of great outfit, of an undeniable wealth.

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