Philippe Perennou


A fervent observer of nature, Philippe Perennou begins his paintings with a job on the pattern to extract them little by little. Multitude of themes such as urban landscapes, urban and port impressions, Marines, Venice, is revealed. Behind the use of various techniques, its touch is gradually revealed and is particularly expressive, even tending towards abstraction. For an outdoor paint Born in Quiberon in 1958, Philippe Perennou is a great observer of nature. It is particularly attracted by painting and in particular by watercolor executed on the motif. Enriched by the teaching that this technique brought to him, in 1986, he decided to devote himself entirely to what has become for him a passion and to join the regime of artists-author. An energetic touch to the limit of abstraction Philippe Perennou uses mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor or pastel, for their own characteristics and specificities. Combined with different techniques, the themes of these canvases allow infinite possibilities of creation, thus avoiding the ease present in all repetitions. "My style is figurative, with however a constant will of abstraction, by juxtaposing the precision of a line to the fading of a touch. Thus dematerialized in places, the subject, although always present, leaves room for the Interpretation. My canvases are testimonies of impressions and feelings, striking in our daily life the stealthy moments that inexorably bind us to our environment. "

Selected Works

Impressions urbaines, n° 2104 by Philippe Perennou

Impressions urbaines, n° 2104

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Paris, le pont des Arts , n° 284 by Philippe Perennou
Impressions urbaines , n° 274 by Philippe Perennou

Impressions urbaines , n° 274

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Hambourg , n° 264 by Philippe Perennou

Hambourg , n° 264

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Rotterdam n° 2813 by Philippe Perennou

Rotterdam n° 2813

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Hambourg , n° 2793 by Philippe Perennou

Hambourg , n° 2793

Paintings - 20x20 cm
New York , n° 2593 by Philippe Perennou

New York , n° 2593

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Times Square , n° 2853 by Philippe Perennou

Times Square , n° 2853

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Times Square , n° 2733 by Philippe Perennou

Times Square , n° 2733

Paintings - 20x20 cm
"impressions urbaines" n° 2843 by Philippe Perennou

"Scènes urbaines" n° 2763

Paintings - 20x20 cm

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