Jean-Marc Angelini


Jean-Marc Angelini plays with his goals like a painter with his brushes, he carefully sets up surprising, delicate and poetic scenes. Passionate about photo has always been Jean-Marc Angelini was born in Antibes in 1961, and was passionate about photography very early, with the purchase of his first reflex- a Zenith-E- in the 70s. Jean-Marc Angelini studied arts and craft engineers in Aix en Provence and Paris, and an expert career in structures calculating, but the passion photo is still there, he then turned the company "digital spaces", As a manager, to digital technologies in order to open it automatically to photographic activities. Preferring art photo and experimental photo, he is a member of the “Longo'art” collective in Saint-Jeannet, which allows him to work on group projects in which drawing, painting, sculpture, live performances, photo and video are gathered. Deploy femininity through the objective In his photograph, Jean-Marc Angelini seeks to grasp fleeting traces of ephemeral atmospheres and emotions, which reconcile space and time. It uses lights, movements, reflections, to keep the images from the figurative. The female subject, both enigmatic and sublimated, deploys his grace with modesty in air compositions and thus delivers a study of the border between figurative and abstraction. A deep work of deconstruction of reality, of creation of a different universe, from what we know and recognize. Find the interview with Jean-Marc Angelini on Kazoart's blog

Selected Works

Sabrina miroir  by Jean-Marc Angelini

Sabrina miroir

Photography - 50x75 cm
Sabrina fashion by Jean-Marc Angelini

Sabrina fashion

Photography - 50x75 cm
Les yeux d'Elsa by Jean-Marc Angelini

Les yeux d'Elsa

Photography - 50x50 cm
Sillage by Jean-Marc Angelini


Photography - 50x75 cm
Ice walkers by Jean-Marc Angelini

Ice walkers

Photography - 50x50 cm
Cables and ice by Jean-Marc Angelini

Cables and ice

Photography - 50x70 cm
La Reine et la Mort by Jean-Marc Angelini

La Reine et la Mort

Photography - 50x50 cm
La sorcière de Blanche Neige by Jean-Marc Angelini

La sorcière de Blanche Neige

Photography - 50x50 cm
Blance Neige et la Mort by Jean-Marc Angelini

Blance Neige et la Mort

Photography - 50x50 cm
La Reine de Blanche Neige by Jean-Marc Angelini

La Reine de Blanche Neige

Photography - 60x50 cm

Blanche Neige et la Reine

Photography - 50x50 cm

Parocchia granaggiolo

Photography - 75x50 cm

La jeune fille à la perception

Photography - 50x50 cm


Photography - 75x50 cm


Photography - 50x50 cm


Photography - 50x75 cm

Pinup 1959

Photography - 75x50 cm

La mariée

Photography - 45x30 cm

Nature, allégorie

Photography - 30x30 cm

Marie-Pierre Genovese mouvement 2

Photography - 50x50 cm

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