Zyrko is delicately immersed in the world of abstract and minimalist art, where simple geometric forms and vibrant colors combine to form works of attractive simplicity. & Nbsp; from cinema to paintingzyrko, French self -taught artist, is Born in 1984. He developed a strong interest in the seventh art and the graphic arts during his youth. & nbsp; although he has undergone training in the cinema industry, it is ultimately painting that conquered his heart and his mind. His cinematographic experience allowed him to develop a particular approach and style in painting. Write the brilliance of the formats and colors the works of Zyrko are characterized by a minimalist and abstract approach. The flattened of deep and vibrant colors come to life on the canvas to reveal an intense and captivating emotion. Creating complex paintings from the exploration of the infinite possibilities of color and geometric shapes, Zyrko invites the spectator to a transcendent meditation, thus offering a unique visual experience. & nbsp; the monochrome of Zyrko, as well as its successful associations of primary colors, & nbsp; are visually impactful. This is a study on the line, on the balance and the harmony of the fusion of forms. His art requests reflection on the refined beauty of simplicity, while continuing research on the boundaries of form and color.

Selected Works

	FRAGMENTS B16 by zyrko


Paintings - 74x54 cm
FRAGMENTS B15 by zyrko


Paintings - 74x54 cm
FRAGMENTS B14 by zyrko


Paintings - 74x54 cm
Forme noire B04 by zyrko

Forme noire B04

Paintings - 74x54 cm
Forme noire  B03 by zyrko

Forme noire B03

Paintings - 74x54 cm
Revolution by zyrko


Paintings - 74x54 cm
Arches W01 by zyrko

Arches W01

Paintings - 84x64 cm
Horizon noir brut by zyrko

Horizon noir brut

Paintings - 74x54 cm
Composition abstraite 1 by zyrko

Composition abstraite 1

Paintings - 54x74 cm
Formes abstraites noires by zyrko

Formes abstraites noires

Paintings - 54x74 cm

Motif outremer

Paintings - 104x74 cm

Rectangles noirs

Paintings - 74x104 cm

Trapèze outremer

Paintings - 74x54 cm

Empreintes Outremer

Paintings - 54x74 cm


Paintings - 74x104 cm

Orangé jaune

Paintings - 104x84 cm


Paintings - 135x102 cm

Formes vives 05

Paintings - 135x102 cm

Formes vives 04

Paintings - 135x102 cm

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