Jill Dowell


Jill Dowell's journey to her career as a fine artist began with various rorms of artistic commitment and expression. From a young age, she showed a great love and talent for music and followed her path to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree in Applied Voice from the University of Illinois, studying with the famous and beloved baritone, William Warfield. Her academic pursuits include the study of French, Italian and German, as well as philosophy, all of which ultimately contributed to the visionary aspects of her creations. Through these experiences, and with the guidance of a beloved artistic mentor, the stage was set for the development of her personal expression as a fine arts painter. The work Jill creates as an abstract painter reflects the integration of aspects of sound and color. Rhythm and movement are the guiding elements of each composition she creates. Modern and contemporary, Jill's work is both sophisticated and bold, while embracing organic elements. Through the use of vivid colors, textures and movement, she follows her intuitive process to produce each composition, inspiring a shared emotional response. Jill lives and works in Paris.

Selected Works

Frantic Search for Kitty in the Park by Jill Dowell
As a Man Thinketh by Jill Dowell

As a Man Thinketh

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Teenage Drama and the Helicopter Mom by Jill Dowell
Just Another Pipe Dream by Jill Dowell

Just Another Pipe Dream

Paintings - 40x30 cm
The King of Wishful Thinking by Jill Dowell

The King of Wishful Thinking

Paintings - 36x48 cm
Taking the Walk of Shame by Jill Dowell

Taking the Walk of Shame

Paintings - 48x36 cm
Squirrel!  by Jill Dowell


Paintings - 30x30 cm
On the Same Wavelength by Jill Dowell

On the Same Wavelength

Paintings - 40x40 cm
They Begged Her Not to Date a Drummer by Jill Dowell
Unwatered Dreams by Jill Dowell

Unwatered Dreams

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Taking It All In

Paintings - 40x50 cm

Replaying the Conversation

Paintings - 30x40 cm

Woodpecker Blues

Paintings - 40x40 cm

A Loving Gesture

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Blinded by Her Armor

Paintings - 40x50 cm

The North Wind Doth Blow

Paintings - 40x30 cm

Meeting by the Waterfall

Paintings - 30x40 cm

Her Biggest Fan Returns

Paintings - 30x40 cm

Pet-Sitter's Instructions

Paintings - 30x30 cm

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