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Alexandra OZA is an international artist based in Paris, with a primary focus on social issues and sustainable development. OZA's creative works encompass analog photography, abstract painting, plants, and epoxy resin.

OZA's fascination with analog photography began at the young age of 6, and by the age of 17, she had already held her first art exhibition. She received her fine arts degree from the Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv (Ukraine) before receiving a grant from the European Union to further her studies at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris, where her thesis explored the sociology of art. Her artwork has earned her multiple international prizes, and she is a member of the French Artists Association.

OZA has been invited to teach creativity at several universities and served as chief editor of a special edition of the art journal "Argument," focusing on Ukrainian art. Her artwork is regularly exhibited throughout Europe, while she lives in Paris and Sartrouville, where her studio is located. Additionally, her artwork can be found on display in various galleries, embassies, and museums.

Selected Works

His dreams

Photography - 72x102 cm

The power of flowers

Photography - 50x70 cm

The emotion of books

Photography - 50x70 cm

The dream of a house

Photography - 60x80 cm

The power of book

Photography - 60x80 cm

The victory over the urbanism

Photography - 60x80 cm

The oneirism 2

Photography - 60x80 cm

The soul of bookshop

Photography - 50x70 cm

The building that ate a palm

Photography - 50x70 cm

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