Marie Pernet


No doubt harmony consists of a subtle mixture of chaos and balance. At least is Anne-Marie Pernet's artistic practice encourages to believe. On his paintings, signs, flattened and tasks accumulate, not without a keen sense of composition. First of all by instinct, leaving the light of the day and his mood to guide his gestures, the artist then lets the work rest before returning. It is then a new and critical eye that takes over the web: comes the time to balance chaos. "Abstract painting brings me a freedom that I do not find anywhere else. »» Free in her letting go, Marie Pernet becomes in control; Balancing the patterns, taking up a curve, adding a trace of bomb here, with a marker. "It is a juxtaposition of order and chaos, micro and macro, righteousness in the middle of the curves. »» Paradoxical because mixing the volunteer with the unpredictable, this work is also so in that it incorporates very graphic drawings on more indefinite colored bottoms, in fact conferring an impression of double plane and therefore of depth on the board. Also note, the hybrid side of his art, the result of a mixture of techniques such as paint, graffiti and collage. If we had to bring this energetic color profusion closer to a current, it would be graffiti, this specific visual vocabulary whose work of Marie Pernet approaches in many respects. Use of the bomb, inscriptions drawn at random, unintelligible calligraphy and embryonic motifs participate in this resemblance.

Selected Works

Chaos n°2 by Marie Pernet

Chaos n°2

Paintings - 146x114 cm
Chaos n°1 by Marie Pernet

Chaos n°1

Paintings - 114x146 cm
Avenir n°1 by Marie Pernet

Avenir n°1

Paintings - 146x114 cm
Ecriture n°2 by Marie Pernet

Ecriture n°2

Paintings - 146x114 cm
Ecriture n°1 by Marie Pernet

Ecriture n°1

Paintings - 162x130 cm
Envolée lyrique n°1 by Marie Pernet

Envolée lyrique n°1

Paintings - 122x122 cm
Envolée lyrique n°2 by Marie Pernet

Envolée lyrique n°2

Paintings - 162x114 cm
Dynamique by Marie Pernet


Paintings - 35x27 cm
Opposition by Marie Pernet


Paintings - 130x162 cm

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