Solen Floch


Make the complexity of perception tangible. Traveling beyond appearances is what modern painting has been assigned. A painter chooses his perception plan and develops it by amplifying it. Solen Floch is trying to revisit the question of the perception of the moment experienced. He thinks that the moment always offers at the time of his capture, in a diffuse manner, by scraps and shreds, several perception plans: exterior/interior, souvenirs/present/projections, ideas/feelings ... Consequently, the pictorial object created by Solen Floch consists in making these plans of multiple perception tangible and, to confront the spectator with the extreme complexity of reality, its strangeness, until, perhaps, a metaphysical feeling of the 'existing. From this point of view, because it is a frozen and moving place, a place of solitude and crowds, empty and full, the city singularly excites these multiple perception plans. In this sense, the painting of Solen Floch is urban. But not only. It does not stop on the surface of the walls and windows because the moment is not an advertising image, smooth and explicitly. She claims to offer the unspeakable life to life. The painting of Solen Floch, if it is intended to be a metaphysics of palimpsest, debris, flap, is not desperate, however. As part of a dynamic and optimistic movement, it is constantly unfolding to be reborn and rebuilding from these Riens!

Selected Works

Les algues du passé by Solen Floch

Les algues du passé

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Dynamique du vide by Solen Floch

Dynamique du vide

Paintings - 162x130 cm
Réminiscences urbaines by Solen Floch

Réminiscences urbaines

Paintings - 55x46 cm
Le roi des limbes by Solen Floch

Le roi des limbes

Paintings - 150x150 cm
Les voix abandonnées by Solen Floch

Les voix abandonnées

Paintings - 130x97 cm
Le zéro et l'infini by Solen Floch

Le zéro et l'infini

Paintings - 97x130 cm
Création by Solen Floch


Paintings - 81x65 cm
Clarté diffuse by Solen Floch

Clarté diffuse

Paintings - 73x60 cm
Calme déchirant by Solen Floch

Calme déchirant

Paintings - 73x60 cm

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