Antonino Puliafico


Self-taught Artist - Sicilian Origin.

I wish to open the doors of my artistic world to you, allowing you to feel the passion, energy, and love that resides in every work I create. My art is a reflection of my deep connection with nature and an ongoing expression of the emotions it stirs in me.

The colors I choose are textural, intense and vibrant, and embody on canvas the essence of what I perceive. The palette knife is the extension of my hand, through which I insufflate life into my paintings. Each work is a tale - of passions, dreams and moments of contemplative stillness. Each brushstroke is a fragment of my heart, a part of my essence.

I invite you, dear art lovers, to immerse yourself in these creations. Let yourself be enveloped by the emotions and sensations they evoke. My art is a dialogue, a ballet between me and you, the viewer. And I feel deeply honored to embark on this artistic journey alongside you.

Antonino Puliafico Artworks

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    Riflessi al mattino by Antonino Puliafico

    Riflessi al mattino

    Paintings - 150x80 cm
    Fluido Azzurro by Antonino Puliafico

    Fluido Azzurro

    Paintings - 95x115 cm
    Rilfessi nel porto by Antonino Puliafico

    Rilfessi nel porto

    Paintings - 95x115 cm
    Brezza di porto by Antonino Puliafico

    Brezza di porto

    Paintings - 95x115 cm
    Colpo di sole by Antonino Puliafico

    Colpo di sole

    Paintings - 95x115 cm
    Terre Riflesse by Antonino Puliafico

    Terre Riflesse

    Paintings - 100x115 cm
    Luce e Cespugli by Antonino Puliafico

    Luce e Cespugli

    Paintings - 200x144 cm
    Ombre a Venezia by Antonino Puliafico

    Ombre a Venezia

    Paintings - 200x144 cm
    Campanile e case by Antonino Puliafico

    Campanile e case

    Paintings - 60x50 cm
    Venezia e Canali by Antonino Puliafico

    Venezia e Canali

    Paintings - 53x185 cm

    Costa Ligure

    Paintings - 75x185 cm

    Resti antichi

    Paintings - 50x85 cm

    Forza Vibrante

    Paintings - 125x125 cm

    Luce e uliveto

    Paintings - 60x70 cm

    Campi al crepuscolo

    Paintings - 70x50 cm

    La coppia di ulivi

    Paintings - 50x40 cm

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