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Constance de Maistre


Constance de Maistre is a visual artist. Born into a family of women artists (mother, great grandmother, great aunt), he is told that art is not a job! After "serious" studies in communication and a few years of wage earnings in the INPI, she trained in decorative painting. For 4 years, she created theater sets for a troop of comedians, then showcases for the Fossier company in Reims. At the same time, she begins her own plastic research with workshops of artists from the Rémoise region. During a move, she enrolled in the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux as a free listener to deploy all her energy in the search for abstraction. In parallel, she continues to recover old family letters, old papers loaded with stories, old boats of boats ... She uses them in her abstract works, inspired by Rauschenberg and expressionist artists. Marked by very strong family stories , she never ceases to seek these forgotten, erased traces of life, which nourished her imagination and her works. In 2015, in collaboration with the pastry chef Mathieu Zurcher, of the Maison Zurcher Bordeaux, she worked to develop chocolate pieces, in the colors of her works, nicknamed "Constance". The project caused a stir in the region. In 2019, she exhibited in the Salle des Pas Perdus, from the TGI of Bordeaux, a building representative of the emblematic architecture of the firm Richard Rogers, on the occasion of the Heritage Days. For 10 years, she regularly exhibits in her region and elsewhere (Paris, London, Bordeaux, Le Mans ...)

Selected Works

Lhabit ne fait pas le moine

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Jour blanc

Paintings - 100x140 cm


Paintings - 130x97 cm


Paintings - 180x130 cm


Paintings - 130x97 cm


Paintings - 105x142 cm

Le ciel est si bleu

Paintings - 120x180 cm


Paintings - 142x105 cm

Beaucoup plus haut

Paintings - 120x180 cm

Ou la lumière pleut n°4

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Ou la lumière pleut n°3

Paintings - 147x100 cm

Ou la lumière pleut n°2

Paintings - 150x120 cm

Beaucoup plus loin

Paintings - 75x110 cm

De retour

Paintings - 75x110 cm

Là ou je suis

Paintings - 89x130 cm

Le fleuve est calme

Paintings - 89x130 cm

Immense et rouge

Paintings - 89x130 cm

Ils sont ailleurs

Paintings - 120x180 cm

Ou la lumière pleut n°5

Paintings - 100x90 cm

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