Amandyne Steropês


Sterely in love with life, the whole approach of Amandyne Steropês is similar to a cry. It is a song of signs and colors that seizes the living fire in the world, mixing experience and surprise. His paintings vibrate with his passion for bodies and their mysteries and the indomitable life that puts them in motion. The expression of the living works by Amandyne Steropês reveal his interior contradictions. They try to grasp this famous feeling of life, rare and precious. The one who is looking for the spark that expresses reality, in a laugh, a caress, a thrill. As she says so well: "Freedom of madmen and the frank smile of a distraught artist." Today, Amandyne Steropês is destructy human and matter. It reinvents and transforms to make and reveal pure energy. His goal ? Awaken everyone's inner strength. Entre sensuality and sensorialitychacine of their paintings is part of the search for an expression that is both sensual and sensory. His evasive and poetic technique abandons himself according to the drawing, to experiment with the accidents of matter in an approach which trusts the elements. & Nbsp; the result reinvents a dream, on the border of the concrete and the improbable, of the Unpublished and Désiré. The transition from the artist's vulnerability to the newly carved force on his paintings is the essence of his artistic work.

Selected Works

Vahine  by Amandyne Steropês


Paintings - 36x36 cm
Le Protecteur Universel by Amandyne Steropês

Le Protecteur Universel

Paintings - 42x30 cm
Écho Intérieur  by Amandyne Steropês

Écho Intérieur

Drawings - 28x42 cm
Le Baiser Fougueux  by Amandyne Steropês

Le Baiser Fougueux

Drawings - 42x28 cm
Apollon by Amandyne Steropês


Paintings - 42x32 cm
Passion Incarnée  by Amandyne Steropês

Passion Incarnée

Paintings - 81x65 cm
Collection SPARTIATE by Amandyne Steropês

Collection SPARTIATE

Paintings - 100x73 cm
Collection gladiator by Amandyne Steropês

Collection gladiator

Paintings - 100x70 cm
Petit Géant by Amandyne Steropês

Petit Géant

Paintings - 42x42 cm
La Majesté Féline by Amandyne Steropês

La Majesté Féline

Paintings - 42x42 cm

Le souffle de la danse

Paintings - 65x54 cm

L’Enlacement Shibari

Paintings - 65x54 cm


Paintings - 65x54 cm

La Muse

Paintings - 60x40 cm


Paintings - 100x73 cm


Paintings - 73x100 cm


Paintings - 60x40 cm


Paintings - 162x97 cm


Paintings - 62x62 cm


Paintings - 146x89 cm

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