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Loïc Saulin / SOL7


Loïc Saulin was born in Dijon in 1983. He grew up in a universe of progressive music, surrounded by esoteric comics like Incal, Jodorowsky and Mœbius, quickly leading him to abandon a materialist vision of the world and to develop more aspirations Abstract, conceptual. The art: one of the best therapysa after having studied illustration, comics and cartoon, he became an illustrator and author of comics himself. He began to teach comics in different schools and for training at art therapy. He then realized how important it is to help others find in them the resources to visually represent what they need to express. & Nbsp; personal works, semi-abstract paintings, are part of this , a kind of bridge to the subconscious, each being able to interpret forms and lines in their own way, revealing by association of ideas a new story with each reading. Acrylic painting and aerosol bombs, his pictorial technique and begins to exhibit in galleries in Berlin, London and Paris. Inspired by the exuberance and the colorful abundance of Kandinsky or Albert Oehlen, Loïc Saulin is at the crossroads of currents such as lyrical abstraction, futurism, or rather its updated conception, graffituism. We read in the paintings of Loïc Saulin what you breathe yourself there. Contemplation of one of his works brings together to follow a path, a different story depending on what shapes and colors evoke. Nothing is frozen, each form can change appearance according to the trip and successively signify several ideas, associations of ideas where the unconscious of each is revealed.

Selected Works


Paintings - 130x100 cm

Whole Spirit

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Paintings - 60x30 cm


Paintings - 30x60 cm

Da capo al fine - coda

Paintings - 90x65 cm

Da capo al fine - prima volta

Paintings - 90x65 cm

Da capo al fine - triptyque

Paintings - 90x195 cm

Claire obscure

Paintings - 80x60 cm

Float or dive

Paintings - 60x30 cm

Syzygie (n°1)

Paintings - 42x33 cm

Syzygie (n°3)

Paintings - 42x33 cm

Syzygie (n°4)

Paintings - 42x33 cm

Syzygie (n°7)

Paintings - 42x33 cm

Syzygie (n°8)

Paintings - 42x33 cm

The Father

Paintings - 60x30 cm

The Son

Paintings - 60x30 cm

The Daughter

Paintings - 60x30 cm

The Mother

Paintings - 60x30 cm

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