After a molecular biology thesis, Doctor Bergman turned to art, pursuing an aesthetic adventure via the stencil technique. Slightly arachnophobic at the start, he led drums beating in Paris, therapy expeditions by the spider stencil, which treated him a little. A fervent defender of the animal cause and shocked human behavior, he expresses by his stencils his disapproval or his support.

Selected Works



Paintings - 50x60 cm
Requiem for a dream by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Requiem for a dream

Paintings - 46x65 cm
Midnight express by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Midnight express

Paintings - 50x73 cm
Color that eagle by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Color that eagle

Paintings - 45x59 cm
Sheep covid by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Sheep covid

Paintings - 46x64 cm
Good bat with a gun by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Good bat with a gun

Paintings - 66x59 cm
Urbex cathedral by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Urbex cathedral

Paintings - 50x73 cm
Plastic Turtle by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Plastic Turtle

Paintings - 55x65 cm
Autoportrait by DOCTEUR BERGMAN


Paintings - 50x50 cm
Vade retro coronas by DOCTEUR BERGMAN

Vade retro coronas

Paintings - 75x115 cm

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