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Camille Tardif

New & Noteworthy Artist

Textile by trade, Camille Tardif recently initiated a multidisciplinary creative approach. With seven years of graduate in design, the artist quickly felt trapped in having learned too much. The challenge of his approach today is to succeed in making his technique and his instinct dialogue, to find a balance between logic and letting go. Take things wrong is an essential value for the artist . This is how she chose for her first collection to divert a textile technique, the batik, and to apply it to paper and watercolor. The dye process allows you to place hot wax in places that you do not want to color. By using this principle, Camille Tardif sought to insert vagueness, the accident in her work always calculated. With the principle that for her aesthetic character, repetition is obsessive for the artist: it is therefore naturally that she finds herself present in her creations. It is in the work of rhythm and sequence, in the shaping of the infinitely small that she offers creations to apprehend from afar.

Camille Tardif Artworks

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    Full of - 01 by Camille Tardif

    Full of - 01

    Paintings - 52x42 cm
    Deux veaux by Camille Tardif

    Deux veaux

    Paintings - 72x52 cm
    Une vache by Camille Tardif

    Une vache

    Paintings - 52x72 cm
    Promenade 03.23 by Camille Tardif

    Promenade 03.23

    Paintings - 102x72 cm
    Geste 03 by Camille Tardif

    Geste 03

    Paintings - 23x23 cm
    Geste 02 by Camille Tardif

    Geste 02

    Paintings - 102x72 cm
    Promenade 01.23 by Camille Tardif

    Promenade 01.23

    Paintings - 102x72 cm
    Nightcall 06 by Camille Tardif

    Nightcall 06

    Paintings - 63x63 cm
    Voyage 01.23 by Camille Tardif

    Voyage 01.23

    Paintings - 102x72 cm
    Landscape 011 by Camille Tardif

    Landscape 011

    Paintings - 43x43 cm

    Landscape 09

    Paintings - 43x43 cm

    Human Squared

    Paintings - 50x50 cm

    Estuaire 002

    Paintings - 73x106 cm

    Landscape 10

    Paintings - 43x43 cm

    Landscape 08

    Paintings - 43x43 cm

    Landscape 06

    Paintings - 43x43 cm

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