Based in Bordeaux (France), WOO is a multi-disciplinary artist at the crossroads of street art and calligraphy.

An instinctive and highly graphic art form

Since childhood, WOO has been inspired by Keith Haring's thick strokes and the colourful, sculptural forms of Niki de Saint Phalle's work. Today he presents an original body of work combining acrylic paint and pigmented or metallic inks, all on a variety of media that are limited only by his inspiration.

WOO advocates instinctive art and plays with symbols that are not always symbolic, mixing the brutality of tagging with the gentleness of calligraphy.
His deep attachment to the elegance of oriental alphabets is expressed in his productions in singular calligraphic elements. The repetition of the gesture, the movement of the wrist and the fluidity sometimes constitute the symbolism itself. When they are not telling a story or a place.

Between references to Pop culture and personal interpretations

The aestheticism of glyphic and logographic scripts, pictograms and ideograms are all sources of inspiration that he uses to illustrate his work.

This symbiosis between writing and drawing gives rise to works in which anyone can interpret a story, nourished by pre-Columbian, primitive or oriental symbols, mixed with animal or plant representations, in which certain references to Pop Culture may be hidden.

Woo's work invites a free interpretation, where everyone can find themselves at the heart of the story.

Selected Works

How dare you by Woo

How dare you

Prints - 70x50 cm
Odyssée marine au crépuscule by Woo

Odyssée marine au crépuscule

Paintings - 76x58 cm
How dare you "colors" #2 by Woo

How dare you "colors" #2

Paintings - 70x50 cm
Vibrantes contrées 1 by Woo

Vibrantes contrées 1

Paintings - 74x54 cm
Horizon atlante 1 by Woo

Horizon atlante 1

Paintings - 78x56 cm
Sugar Free "Twix Me" by Woo

Sugar Free "Twix Me"

Paintings - 70x50 cm
Sugar Free "Sugar Club" by Woo

Sugar Free "Sugar Club"

Paintings - 70x50 cm
Sugar Free "Living The Dream" by Woo

Sugar Free "Living The Dream"

Paintings - 70x50 cm
Sugar Free "Give Me More" by Woo

Sugar Free "Give Me More"

Paintings - 70x50 cm
Sugar Free "Pop" by Woo

Sugar Free "Pop"

Paintings - 70x50 cm

Hawaii story

Paintings - 120x120 cm

Love to hate

Paintings - 200x150 cm

Black japonica

Paintings - 180x100 cm

White japonica

Paintings - 180x100 cm

Nouveau monde

Paintings - 200x150 cm

Climatic icons warm grey

Prints - 70x50 cm

Climatic icons burgundy

Prints - 70x50 cm

Climatic icons green

Prints - 70x50 cm
Portrait de Woo (en haut) ©Camille Gabarra | Photo ci-dessus ©Woo

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