Mea Ambrozo


Mea Ambrozo's professional artistic journey begins in 2004. She collaborated and exhibited in different galleries in Paris, Lyon and London. For 15 years, she experiences several techniques and materials. And she receives favorable feedback from collectors. This encourages him to persevere in his research and to assert an artistic identity constantly evolving. Mea Ambrozo's abstract works are the product of instinctive work, with random and controlled gesture. White, black, colors are very sober and imperceptible at first. His project is essentially monochrome. Its creative process is conceptual, it mixes the point, the line, dripping. "If we look at my works in their diversity, their successions appear not as fatality, but as the exercise of controlled freedom. The colors, the values, the brightness of the painting are not fixed and invariable on the Canvas but sensitive to variations in the light projected on the work and the displacement of the spectator. The absence of obvious strong colors allows you to look more carefully at the work. " Mea Ambrozo Monochrome The monochrome highlights the interdependence of the work of art and its context. The minimalist work is not only decorative. It allows direct interaction with its environment. Mea Ambrozo is inspired by great masters like Robert Ryman. His work opened the way to minimalism. The freedom to change a certain reading of abstract art. The White Mea Ambrozo dares to work white as a unique color. It is inspired by American painting and in particular the New York School of Abstract Expressionism. It is inspired by Pierre Soulages and Russell Connor. Together, they envisage the unfair share of artistic creation and the trinity of the work: the artist, the material and the gaze of the spectator. Black Soulages says: "I don't want to portray but paint. Not represent but present".

Selected Works

BLUE SPIN by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 50x50 cm
SPIN OFF by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 50x50 cm
ASIA by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 120x120 cm
PACIFIC SIDE by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 100x100 cm
WIZ by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 150x150 cm
ACE by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 150x150 cm
Le lagon by Mea Ambrozo

Le lagon

Paintings - 120x120 cm
Movie  3 by Mea Ambrozo

Movie 3

Paintings - 130x195 cm
REALM by Mea Ambrozo


Paintings - 130x162 cm
WHY 1/2/3 by Mea Ambrozo

WHY 1/2/3

Paintings - 90x90 cm


Paintings - 89x116 cm

CY 2

Paintings - 89x146 cm

White 7

Paintings - 65x100 cm


Paintings - 130x130 cm

Pacific 2

Paintings - 81x130 cm


Paintings - 120x120 cm


Paintings - 81x100 cm


Paintings - 73x92 cm

Noir 1

Paintings - 50x150 cm


Paintings - 130x195 cm

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