Marie-Rose Borrego


Born in 1963 in Nîmes, from Andalusian father and mother, Marie-Rose Borrego has always loved drawing. Nothing destined it for painting. It was in 2014 that she started painting, attracted since her childhood by color. His overflowing creativity has since evolved. Marie-Rose shows us her work through a multitude of more colored canvases than the others where the imagination reigns. Each painting is a story summarized in the title of the work. There is nothing that could explain or coldly decompose the works of Marie-Rose Borrego. They exist by themselves and it is also to the sandstone of inspiration that they come in light as a breath, like a breathing of the imaginary, vertigo of color and character as strange as alive and endearing. His style although recognizable among a thousand is always in perpetual evolution, which makes his work so rich and tireless to look at like an open door to an imaginary world in which one can get lost at leisure. After the first overall vision, we realize multiple details that populate her canvas and make her alive. It is in the image of Marie-Rose Borrego, alive and lends to all experiences, voluntary and a bit original and which illustrates her motto wonderfully. Marie-Rose Borrego is an extraordinary and instinctive colorist. It uses primary colors; But on the web, they hardly remain "primary"! She mixes them together in an instinctive way to find the tones that suit her. Its bright and particularly rhythmic colors harmonize with entertainment, respond and complement each other; Large or small areas are balanced, respond, combine endlessly.

Selected Works

Le combat by Marie-Rose Borrego

Le combat

Paintings - 73x92 cm
L'infirmière by Marie-Rose Borrego


Paintings - 20x20 cm
Paquito et le taureau by Marie-Rose Borrego

Paquito et le taureau

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Les paysagistes by Marie-Rose Borrego

Les paysagistes

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Millésime 2018 by Marie-Rose Borrego

Millésime 2018

Paintings - 81x60 cm
Séville by Marie-Rose Borrego


Paintings - 30x30 cm
Dionysos by Marie-Rose Borrego


Paintings - 73x60 cm
Le cactus by Marie-Rose Borrego

Le cactus

Paintings - 73x100 cm
L'egypte by Marie-Rose Borrego


Paintings - 90x90 cm
Le masque by Marie-Rose Borrego

Le masque

Paintings - 130x160 cm


Paintings - 60x81 cm

Le notaire

Paintings - 73x60 cm

La polynésie

Paintings - 65x54 cm

La mélancolie de charlotte

Paintings - 81x54 cm


Paintings - 73x54 cm

La statue

Paintings - 100x81 cm


Paintings - 100x73 cm

La Martinique

Paintings - 80x80 cm

Harmonie des temps moderne

Paintings - 81x65 cm

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