Jérôme Poumès


The universe of the painter and sculptor Jérôme Poumès is particularly energetic and powerful. His contrasting compositions, rich in nuances and strong volumes evoke emotions and arouse fascination. A artist on the "Akoun" side, Jérôme Poumerès regularly exhibits in France as well as abroad as at the Sarria International Fair in Spain since 2011, and in Tokyo since 2013. From academism to plastic postage After having obtained a bac mention philosophy and art history in Bayonne, he joined the famous school of interior architecture, communication and artistic direction Penninghen in Paris. He finished his student cycle in the no less famous carpenter academy. Jérôme Pémès devotes himself in parallel to devotes to the pictorial expression in various forms and techniques, practicing more particularly acrylic on canvas with a knife. From figurative to abstract, including a certain form of expressionism, the painting of the artist of academic training has taken several directions. Explore the impact of light on the object In love with a desire for sculptural practice for many years, it was following his meeting with Gilbert Kadyszewski, sculptor and ironworker of art, that Jérôme Poumès finally decides to concretize his project, encouraged by the artist. Trained by Kadyszewski in the art of forge and the arc welding technique, Jérôme Poumès is passionately involved in the work of steel. His desire from a passage from painting to sculpture undoubtedly results from his fascination has always experienced towards the impact of light on the object, thus creating this volume which characterizes his painted or carved works. His sculptures are mostly made from recovery materials, in an eco -responsible approach. Energetic works rich in nuances The sources of inspiration by Jérôme Poumès are multiple: history, feelings and human emotions, mythology, the urban environment, or the beauties of nature. His creations draw their essence from his own experience and his most intimate emotions. But Jérôme Poumerès remains above all an "researcher artist", an explorer always in search of unexplored creative regions.

Selected Works

Urban Totem 2 by Jérôme Poumès

Urban Totem 2

Sculpture - 30x15 cm
Tornado Building by Jérôme Poumès

Tornado Building

Sculpture - 68x8 cm
La porte by Jérôme Poumès

La porte

Sculpture - 73x23 cm
Monolithique by Jérôme Poumès


Sculpture - 20x10 cm
Islande by Jérôme Poumès


Paintings - 80x80 cm
L'oeuf de Merlin by Jérôme Poumès

L'oeuf de Merlin

Sculpture - 25x20 cm
Windows by Jérôme Poumès


Sculpture - 30x16 cm
Légende by Jérôme Poumès


Sculpture - 10x10 cm
Arum inox by Jérôme Poumès

Arum inox

Sculpture - 60x33 cm
Le fruit de Gaïa by Jérôme Poumès

Le fruit de Gaïa

Sculpture - 25x21 cm

Arum de Vénus

Sculpture - 120x12 cm

Arum de Pluton

Sculpture - 100x12 cm

Les larmes d'héphaïstos

Sculpture - 45x20 cm

Steel Egg

Sculpture - 28x25 cm

Artefact bk207

Sculpture - 45x60 cm


Paintings - 80x80 cm

Shore Break

Sculpture - 55x50 cm

city 1

Paintings - 80x80 cm

New York by night

Paintings - 80x80 cm

City 2

Paintings - 80x80 cm

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