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Mario Di Dino is an iconoclastic artist. Far from the academic routes, the former hairdresser has never stopped drawing and paint before kissing the sculpture late. Without knowing it, he has always been an artist. Mario Di Dino is the son of Italian emigrants. Despite a particular context, his family was a family of artists, his mother in cooking, his father in music and cabinetmaking, just like his brothers. Mario learned from the age of 14 the job he always wanted to do: hairdresser, "I like contact, touch". As a same time as he had different hairdressing salons, he painted before d before 'Go to work at night. Recognition came later, with a first exhibition in Savigny-sur-Orge. He chose sculpture by chance, falling on modeling lessons but learning was done in a completely self-taught manner. "I started to sculpt from iron and plaster sons. Over the years, my technique that has remained the same has improved, I learned to give the shape I wanted to scrap, to reproduce Break, etc. thanks to this practice, I am happy and I do not see the time spent when I am in my workshop. " His characters are slender, mainly women. The family is another big subject, it represents men too but never alone, they are always accompanied. Very expressive, Mario Di Nino is close to her inner world. The sculptor often puts his actions in question. It is characterized by its intuitive, passionate, creative side. Attracted by beauty, originality, this intuitive and dreamer artist intends to create visual art and speak with his hands in sculpture as one would compose music.

Selected Works

2° de 2024 by Mario Di Nino - MDN

2° de 2024

Sculpture - 12x36 cm
Equilibre by Mario Di Nino - MDN


Sculpture - 22x37 cm
Oh! by Mario Di Nino - MDN


Sculpture - 46x13 cm
Ah... by Mario Di Nino - MDN


Sculpture - 50x10 cm
Câlins et chuchotements by Mario Di Nino - MDN

Câlins et chuchotements

Sculpture - 55x34 cm
Tendresse by Mario Di Nino - MDN


Sculpture - 53x17 cm
TOI ET MOI by Mario Di Nino - MDN


Sculpture - 49x18 cm
AMOUR by Mario Di Nino - MDN


Sculpture - 47x18 cm
J'y vais by Mario Di Nino - MDN

J'y vais

Sculpture - 40x29 cm
J'y vais moi aussi by Mario Di Nino - MDN

J'y vais moi aussi

Sculpture - 37x26 cm

Vénus, fer

Sculpture - 49x15 cm

Vénus noir

Sculpture - 49x15 cm


Sculpture - 43x20 cm


Sculpture - 45x32 cm

Vue d'en haut

Sculpture - 37x10 cm

Oui ça bouge

Sculpture - 40x13 cm


Sculpture - 35x14 cm


Sculpture - 53x25 cm

Les saltimbanques 2

Sculpture - 53x35 cm

les saltimbanques 1

Sculpture - 42x30 cm

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