Agnès Guillon


Agnès Guillon is a French figurative artist born in 1976. She trained in painting in the workshops of Philippe Lejeune, Christoff Debusschere and Christiane Lemez. She has devoted herself entirely to painting since 2008. Agnès Guillon has been a member of the Taylor Foundation since 2009. A daily poetics: Agnès Guillon practices above all a painting of sensitivity and emotion articulated around light. With her fluid and lively touch, she takes us into a world of poetry and contemplation, where everyday scenes take new intensity and unexpected poetry. Her representations keep a certain vagueness that speaks to us about the passage of time and the movement of life, an evocation painting rather than a description where it plays with the colorful funds, and where the light fascinates. It is particularly recognized for its urban landscapes, especially nocturnal, but also interiors of theater, and many other subjects where life and light have met.

Selected Works

La fontaine Medicis by Agnès Guillon

La fontaine Medicis

Paintings - 65x50 cm
Sous le soleil de Simiane by Agnès Guillon

Sous le soleil de Simiane

Paintings - 40x40 cm
La musique de l'été by Agnès Guillon

La musique de l'été

Paintings - 50x50 cm
Intérieur, lumière d'automne by Agnès Guillon

Intérieur, lumière d'automne

Paintings - 38x55 cm
Away XIII : Les rochers by Agnès Guillon

Away XIII : Les rochers

Paintings - 40x40 cm
Away XI : Eclaircie by Agnès Guillon

Away XI : Eclaircie

Paintings - 40x40 cm
Away X : Toscane by Agnès Guillon

Away X : Toscane

Paintings - 34x34 cm
Away II : La rivière by Agnès Guillon

Away II : La rivière

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Away VII : La cascade by Agnès Guillon

Away VII : La cascade

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Away VI : L'orage by Agnès Guillon

Away VI : L'orage

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Away V : Les brumes

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Le ciel se déchire

Paintings - 19x24 cm


Paintings - 20x20 cm

Les toits de l'opéra

Paintings - 20x60 cm


Paintings - 80x80 cm

Avenue de l'opéra

Paintings - 146x178 cm

Lumière de la nuit

Paintings - 47x47 cm

Le prochain train

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Le bruissement du souvenir

Paintings - 80x80 cm

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