In 2016, after having created and animated a skate shop for ten years, Dôle (Ludovic Hamel) hangs up the skateboards and painted on it. Reviving this spark already present in the 80s, with the graffiti in the background and the discovery of the avant-garde: Di Rosa, Basquiat, Combas ... The initiation continues in the 90s with Munch, ten, Magritte, Treating a heterogeneous pictorial culture. Today he resides in Périgord, a millennial cradle of rock art, an almost autarkic isolation in a green case allows Dôle, connected to the environment to implement his work. Using acrylic in all its forms (tube, marker, bomb), but also inks, on all types of supports (paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, stone). Exploring and developing a very personal graphic universe, natural and protean hybridization, which releases a modern and uninhibited painting, ignorant of archaic, raw and instinctive dogmas, crazy heaps and crazy fragments at first glance, it invites the eye to discover and then Build your own reading. Its engine is the state of mind, its moods are colors and its thoughts become subjects, the hand performs as an automaton the score of a strange music with hypnotic powers.

Selected Works

Moruroa Fish 2 by Dôle

Moruroa Fish 2

Paintings - 50x70 cm
Chaos technique sur fond jaune  by Dôle
Kind of blue by Dôle

Kind of blue

Paintings - 90x70 cm
Grotte de Tourtoirac  by Dôle

Grotte de Tourtoirac

Paintings - 100x70 cm
Totem 3 by Dôle

Totem 3

Paintings - 70x50 cm
WTF8 by Dôle


Paintings - 70x50 cm
WTF 6 by Dôle


Paintings - 70x50 cm
WTF 7 by Dôle


Paintings - 70x50 cm
Wtf 2 by Dôle

Wtf 2

Drawings - 60x42 cm
Wtf by Dôle


Drawings - 50x50 cm

Chaos technique opus 8

Paintings - 60x42 cm


Paintings - 60x50 cm


Paintings - 50x36 cm

Chaos technique 07/2020

Paintings - 60x40 cm

Bouquet de nerfs

Paintings - 65x50 cm

Stripe time 2

Paintings - 70x50 cm

Red Attack

Paintings - 60x40 cm


Paintings - 60x40 cm

Chaos technique opus 3

Paintings - 30x20 cm

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