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Olivier Desvaux


An illustrator at his beginnings of artistic career, Olivier Desvaux defines himself today as a painter. It was Morocco that inspired him for the first time and it was from this trip that he began to translate atmospheres on the canvas, colors by immersing himself from the atmosphere of a landscape , like a modern day impressionist. From illustration to painting Born on May 12, 1982, Olivier Desvaux studied in Paris at the Estienne school, in the field of applied arts and then orient himself at the National School of Decorative Arts from which he graduated in 2006. Illustrator at first, it was during a trip to Morocco, in 2009, that he decided to devote himself more to nature and the scenes of life. On this occasion, he made oil paintings on order from Jacques Garcia to decorate the Baldaquin suite from Mamounia to Marrakech. In 2011, he was selected to propose a painted decor project for the apse, the nave and the arcades of the Sainte Marie Majori Church (classified as a historic monument) in Bonifacio. An impressionist heritage in the service of contemporary subjects Olivier Desvaux qualifies like a contemplative. He appropriates the landscapes which fascinate him in order to translate the atmosphere by the tones and the colors used. Founded by the Impressionists such as Ingres, he is inspired by the technique of the ancients to combine him with subjects contemporary. Member of the Taylor Foundation, Olivier Desvaux is appointed Navy's official painter in 2018.

Selected Works

Les heures de la plage

Paintings - 81x60 cm

La chapelle Saint-Anne

Paintings - 65x81 cm

Le mont d'Arbois

Paintings - 60x81 cm

Des toits et des cimes

Paintings - 73x100 cm

Les cimes de tétouan

Paintings - 70x100 cm

El partal de granada

Paintings - 97x130 cm

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