Jivko Sedlarski


At the bottom of the country, plunged into the blue immensity of the ocean, a Bulgarian man creates the image of women. For more than 30 years, Jivko Sedlarski has been inspired by one of the most picturesque regions in France, Brittany, whose coasts have been bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. He leaves Bulgaria in the hope of a better professional achievement, but remains strongly linked to his country of origin. The Bulgarian artist works in the field of monumental sculpture, and his statues of women in metal dress dress the French peninsula. He studied sculpture at the National Academy of Fine Arts, then specialized in sculpture in Berlin. His first teacher was his father, Kolyo Sedlarski - painting artist. His attraction for art for Jivko is comparable to the air he breathes. Jivko speaks in different materials. All helps to express yourself, to create a work. During the Academy of Fine Arts, the artist needed to learn more about the human body. He joined the Academy of Medicine to attend dissection to better understand human anatomy. Each room evolves in the space with which it is one in a unique choreography. However, and although henomed, each figure evolves in the decor of the same dance ballet again and again. Each new series feeds on the previous ones that it naturally enriches. The whole is built, responds and spreads like a family tree. A tree that is essential - bases or common thread - and draws all the designs of the sculptor on paper as much as in the city, a tree that rereads the place, connects people and rewrites stories ...- Christe Jhelil, critic art

Selected Works

Robe Sirène by Jivko Sedlarski

Robe Sirène

Sculpture - 28x7 cm
Rainbow In The Darc by Jivko Sedlarski

Rainbow In The Darc

Sculpture - 25x10 cm
Fucla by Jivko Sedlarski


Sculpture - 37x12 cm
"Spiral Galaxy" by Jivko Sedlarski

"Spiral Galaxy"

Sculpture - 25x9 cm
"Wiener Walzer" by Jivko Sedlarski

"Wiener Walzer"

Sculpture - 19x7 cm
Le Baiser - I by Jivko Sedlarski

Le Baiser - I

Sculpture - 14x5 cm
Deva m-l'automne 7 by Jivko Sedlarski

Deva m-l'automne 7

Paintings - 37x30 cm
Deva m-l'automne 6 by Jivko Sedlarski

Deva m-l'automne 6

Paintings - 37x30 cm
Deva m-l'automne 5 by Jivko Sedlarski

Deva m-l'automne 5

Paintings - 37x30 cm
Deva m-l'automne 4 by Jivko Sedlarski

Deva m-l'automne 4

Paintings - 37x30 cm

Deva m-l'automne 2

Paintings - 37x30 cm

Deva m-l'automne 1

Paintings - 37x30 cm


Sculpture - 18x6 cm

Défilé-ii mini

Sculpture - 15x6 cm

Circles 12

Sculpture - 31x14 cm

Circles 11

Sculpture - 29x11 cm

Circles 10

Sculpture - 37x14 cm

Circles 9

Sculpture - 30x14 cm

Circles 8

Sculpture - 30x16 cm

Circles 6

Sculpture - 23x56 cm

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