Val Escoubet


Portraitist painter, Val Escoubet stands out for hyper-realistic works imbued with the emotion of the characters she applies to represent with great conviction and dynamism. The artist explores fullness, love, cheerfulness, but also body movements, like dance, which she highlights in portraits of women, men and children. The photographic portrait put on the scale of painting "I want my painting to be alive and that one has the impression that the subject will get out of the web": this is the goal it pursues with each new project. The characters are never frozen in their posture and this thanks to the work of fabrics, textures or that of hair. Val Escoubet comes from the photo, with a predilection for the black and white photo of which it is mainly inspired. We find this influence in his work. The characters are painted in "black and white" with variances of sepia, tones of blue, green, ocher, barely perceptible, but essential in the harmony sought. The choice of oil painting is then obvious for the rendering obtained, the delicacy of the nuances, the depth. Colorful paintings echoing street art To enhance the portrait thus made, Val Escoubet adorns the bottom of his works of bright colors and patterns often borrowed from the world of street art, such as graffiti and lettering. The use of acrylic paint then becomes a necessity when fluorescent or metallic colors are essential, or when multiple overlays or the use of dripping enhance the table. More than a nod to the graffiti artists to which it has great admiration, it is above all an attraction for urban art which is part of its roots and its culture. Val Escoubet also works on order. Do not hesitate to contact the Kazoart team for a quote. To read : Interview with Val Escoubet

Selected Works

Passion félin by Val Escoubet

Passion félin

Paintings - 81x100 cm
Reflets by Val Escoubet


Paintings - 33x41 cm
Look at the nearby wall by Val Escoubet

Look at the nearby wall

Paintings - 80x60 cm
Face on the wall by Val Escoubet

Face on the wall

Paintings - 80x60 cm
What else ? by Val Escoubet

What else ?

Paintings - 47x47 cm
La vie en rose by Val Escoubet

La vie en rose

Paintings - 47x47 cm
Le temps de prendre l'air by Val Escoubet

Le temps de prendre l'air

Paintings - 37x29 cm
Pas de hasard pour Cynthia by Val Escoubet

Pas de hasard pour Cynthia

Paintings - 26x26 cm
La gourmandise by Val Escoubet

La gourmandise

Paintings - 27x26 cm
Break time by Val Escoubet

Break time

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Histoire drôle

Paintings - 30x30 cm

From the fashion week

Paintings - 120x40 cm

Un peu de douceur

Paintings - 75x75 cm

Comme un feu d'artifice

Paintings - 96x68 cm

Iconic girl

Paintings - 72x72 cm

In the evening light

Paintings - 80x40 cm

Leather and lace

Paintings - 80x60 cm

Get together

Paintings - 70x100 cm

Tendresse canine

Paintings - 100x50 cm

The way to go

Paintings - 80x100 cm

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