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Julien Bottone


Declaration of Intent I have always been fascinated by the works of Pierre Auguste Renoir, for the recurrent theme and the pictorial treatment of femininity and sensuality, shadows and lights, and by the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi, for its fabulous work of synthesis of forms going to the essentials. These two artists inspired me the most in my artistic path and are at the origin of my vocation. Gustave Klimt and Alfons Mucha marked my artistic vision and are initially at the origin of my pictorial style. By developing a pictorial style at the borders of graphics and illustration, I have been interested for several years in the attitudes of bodies, facial expressions, the intensity of looks, framing, balance, contrasts, At the work of the material and alchemy of metal oxidations. In a perpetual research of the beautiful, my sensitivity remains my only weapon to imagine and produce my works. It is she who guides each gesture, each choice, each intention in my work, whether in painting or sculpture. It is through all these notions that I have been dealing with humans for several years, always through women, as well as the relationship of man to nature. Inspired by neo-paganism and various mythologies, my female characters transform into "contemporary dryads" to enter osmosis with nature. Through my works, I want to bring the spectator to visual wonder, but also bring him to question our origins; Like a homecoming, these "metamorphoses" warn us about the future of humanity.

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    Métamorphose n°39 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°39

    Paintings - 125x85 cm
    Métamorphose n°34 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°34

    Paintings - 105x105 cm
    Métamorphose n°33 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°33

    Paintings - 85x65 cm
    Métamorphose n°32 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°32

    Paintings - 105x105 cm
    Métamorphose n°31 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°31

    Paintings - 125x85 cm
    Métamorphose n°30 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°30

    Paintings - 85x85 cm
    Métamorphose n°29 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°29

    Paintings - 85x65 cm
    Métamorphose n°13 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°13

    Paintings - 85x65 cm
    Métamorphose n°28 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°28

    Paintings - 85x85 cm
    Métamorphose n°27 by Julien Bottone

    Métamorphose n°27

    Paintings - 105x105 cm

    La beauté et la bête

    Paintings - 105x105 cm

    Métamorphose n°26

    Paintings - 105x55 cm

    Métamorphose n°25

    Paintings - 105x55 cm

    Métamorphose n°24

    Paintings - 85x85 cm

    Métamorphose n°23

    Paintings - 85x85 cm

    Métamorphose n°19

    Paintings - 85x85 cm

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