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Originally from Marseille where he lives and works, Laurent Giordano dit Wile, is one of those people who have always had artistic fiber and have continued to develop it. As a teenager, attracted by urban culture, he enthusiastically devoted himself to the practice of graffiti, "standing out from basic lettering to initiate new forms". Spontaneously, Wile chooses to train in the know-how of the graphic arts in order to perfect his gaze and his practice, and after several years of learning, he graduated from the South South South School in Marseille. Wile began his career as an independent graphic designer and it was only a few years later that he feels the desire to sleep his ideas on the web. Just as passionate as it is entrepreneur, he worked assiduously in the development of his pictorial language to then go and meet professionals in the art environment and thus confront his practice with their critical eye. Fervent support for emerging contemporary creation, the Marseille gallery owner David Pluskwa will play, from 2014, a fundamental role in the professional development of the young painter by exhibiting his work alongside renowned artists. Drawing most of his inspiration from the heart of his city and its inhabitants, Wile works from photographs taken on randomly at its urban wanderings, which he interprets by means of his bombs and stencils. Resolutely dynamic and positive, wile painting consists of instantaneous life which, each in their own way, testify to the beauty of simple things.

Selected Works

Heureux comme...#2

Paintings - 59x51 cm

Heureux comme...#1

Paintings - 59x51 cm

Power flower

Paintings - 106x73 cm

Smile & Love

Paintings - 76x59 cm

Rien ne pourra l'arrêter

Paintings - 90x36 cm

Happy sun

Paintings - 76x93 cm

I have a dream!

Paintings - 59x75 cm

Et si on riait n°16

Paintings - 37x28 cm

Who is the boss...?! n°2

Paintings - 77x58 cm

Folie douce

Paintings - 77x58 cm

Et si on riait n°15

Paintings - 42x29 cm

Et si on riait n°14

Paintings - 42x29 cm


Paintings - 42x30 cm


Paintings - 42x30 cm

Et si on riait n°13

Paintings - 30x21 cm


Paintings - 51x32 cm


Paintings - 50x40 cm

Faites l'amour...

Drawings - 80x60 cm

Face bwg.01

Drawings - 42x32 cm

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