Flore Betty


After having devoted herself exclusively to the representation of women, Flore Betty enriches her palette by painting "the human" in the broad sense, in particular with his series "Dualis". Painter of portrait and naked, his work deals with timelessness and equality between men. Painting as evidence Flore Betty is a painter formed at the School of Fine Arts in Orleans. Initiated with interior decoration in a Parisian school, she also enriched her technical knowledge in Tours in a training center for painters in sets. Formerly in self-enterprise, she left the sites to devote herself exclusively to painting. Represented by a Parisian gallery in 2014 where she exhibited in Seoul and Beijing, she was a winner of the young Talents du Loir-et-Cher competition organized by the General Council. Since then, she has been rewarded with numerous prizes, and has crossed France, more particularly the Great West to participate in exhibitions. Represent the soul of a subject Flore Betty is inspired by the idea of ​​the Palimpsest using newspapers and scores of the 1900-1940s that she sticks on a virgin support. She assembles these fragments in a thoughtful way having in mind the final rendering. She ensures that inscriptions appear in transparency on the skin of his subjects, which allows her symbolically to represent everything that constitutes the soul of the subject, her knowledge, her wealth, which was transmitted to her. Flore Betty does not want his paintings to be simple representations but a real vector of emotions. In parallel, the old newspapers allow him to make the junction between eras like a palimpsest which keeps the imprint of its previous use. The artist also incorporates his paintings into her paintings made from marble powder that she comes to shit with an Agathe stone, which gives a smooth and shiny final appearance. Thus, as engraved in marble, Flore Betty freezes its models over time. Because each person has a story, because each story is universal.

Selected Works

Esquisse Sur Stuc 70 by Flore Betty

Esquisse Sur Stuc 70

Paintings - 40x40 cm
BZH 5 by Flore Betty


Paintings - 60x50 cm
Portrait 457  by Flore Betty

Portrait 457

Paintings - 46x38 cm
Fusion coccinelle  by Flore Betty

Fusion coccinelle

Paintings - 60x50 cm
Portrait 459 ST by Flore Betty

Portrait 459 ST

Paintings - 55x46 cm
Alter Ego by Flore Betty

Alter Ego

Paintings - 80x80 cm
La Sieste by Flore Betty

La Sieste

Paintings - 100x70 cm
Chat noir by Flore Betty

Chat noir

Paintings - 100x50 cm
A l'aube sous le chêne  by Flore Betty

A l'aube sous le chêne

Paintings - 100x50 cm
Bretonne  by Flore Betty


Paintings - 33x24 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm

Petite fille à la fleur

Collage - 100x50 cm

La Défiance

Paintings - 120x80 cm

La Correspondance

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Peinture sur bois 8

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Esquisse Sur Stuc 62

Paintings - 100x70 cm

A L'horizon

Paintings - 100x70 cm


Paintings - 80x60 cm


Paintings - 41x40 cm

Breton 2

Paintings - 30x24 cm

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