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Pierre Ziegler


Pierre Ziegler is a French contemporary painter who lives and work in Paris. He trained in a self -taught way, and became the assistant of the artist Philippe Pasqua in the 2000s. His work is strongly influenced by the primary arts and graffiti. He uses a lively, bright, contrasting and energetic palette. His intuitive approach is very close to Brut art.

Selected Works

Safe & Warm

Paintings - 120x100 cm


Paintings - 118x92 cm

HelloMyNameIs : Smiley

Paintings - 52x46 cm

HelloMyNameIs : Virus IX-Remix

Paintings - 42x52 cm


Paintings - 43x33 cm

Backyard I.A.

Paintings - 45x35 cm


Paintings - 61x38 cm


Paintings - 65x72 cm


Paintings - 61x38 cm


Paintings - 75x25 cm


Paintings - 90x68 cm

Le pavillon noir

Paintings - 90x68 cm

Enter a smile

Paintings - 64x72 cm


Paintings - 52x42 cm

Echoes n3 (untitled 12)

Paintings - 50x41 cm


Paintings - 50x41 cm

Hello my name is III

Paintings - 76x31 cm

Némo II

Paintings - 51x41 cm

Elev4tion don't go to my he4d

Paintings - 39x28 cm

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