Lucie De Saint


Art teacher, visual artist, photographer and therapist art, Lucie de Saint maintains a relationship with spontaneous and structured faith in painting. His work continues continuously in a series of artistic and personal research through colors and materials, figurative and abstract, photography and painting. His artistic research is also focused on transparency and 3D effect. Currently in his plastic work, painting and photography rub shoulders and become almost inseparable from it. This association of mediums offers greater freedom, a way of glimpse the faces and bodies by juxtaposition, to make them reappear on different levels. It’s a work that is revolved around the woman and the gaze. He underlines the duality. It is a look shared between the one they have on themselves and that which society sends them and the links that are established between the two. This work appears plastically by the plurality of the mediums: their association and their superposition come in turn to contradict or assert the painted form, it is a way of hiding to show more. In her own way, she performs very colorful abstract bottoms with acrylic painting on Plexiglas, which are superimposed on the typical faces of the ideal of female beauty borrowed from fashion magazines, photographed and reworked in black and white. It is a composition in several times which emanates from a choice, that of these faces and which include several supports, the photographic support and that of plexiglass, whose transparency refers to the diaphanous character of the photographic medium here magnified by painting, which gives the image a form of affect far from fashion magazines and makes them what Barthes called the "punished". The contrasts are intentionally strong to suggest the strengths and weaknesses that hide in each of us. Fear, sadness, but also fighting spirit, energy, will ... are thus represented. Capture the woman in her inner beauty as well as in her most enigmatic sides.

Selected Works

Jeune femme nue by Lucie De Saint

Jeune femme nue

Drawings - 53x43 cm
Le miroir by Lucie De Saint

Le miroir

Drawings - 40x50 cm
L' amante by Lucie De Saint

L' amante

Drawings - 37x37 cm
L Envie by Lucie De Saint

L Envie

Drawings - 37x37 cm
Jeune fille by Lucie De Saint

Jeune fille

Drawings - 26x37 cm
L'inconnue by Lucie De Saint


Drawings - 53x43 cm
Provocatrice by Lucie De Saint


Drawings - 53x43 cm
Sensuelle 1 by Lucie De Saint

Sensuelle 1

Drawings - 53x43 cm
Regarder au loin by Lucie De Saint

Regarder au loin

Photography - 30x30 cm
L'amoureuse by Lucie De Saint


Photography - 45x36 cm


Photography - 45x45 cm


Photography - 40x40 cm

Les yeux revolvers

Photography - 40x49 cm

La jeune fille au collier

Photography - 45x45 cm


Photography - 40x30 cm

La joconde moderne

Photography - 45x45 cm

Adam et eve

Paintings - 62x62 cm

Une main tendue vers toi

Photography - 30x30 cm


Photography - 30x30 cm

Donne moi la main

Photography - 30x30 cm

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