Claire Biette


In figuration or abstraction, Claire Biette takes us into a universe freed from reality by a large bath of colors and light which leaves the imagination its share of dreams ... A powerful art to share Amazed by the power of expression of color, Claire Biette is very early for different pictorial techniques such as watercolor, pastel and sketch from living models. For three years, she deepened her training at the Nantes School of Fine Arts. Through the Art Lumière association, Claire Biette has been teaching drawing and painting to children and adults since the early 2000s. Her personal work has been exposed throughout the Nantes region. Personal themes at the heart of his work Claire Biette's painting is nourished by her family, friendly and spiritual life. The themes are varied and affect all the areas that amaze it and give meaning to his life. She begins with a sketch to identify her subject and find the harmony of the lines. Then comes the work of the material that animates the canvas and gives it movement. Then appear shade and light. Finally, she is looking for harmony between colors to find the light that will guide the spectator.

Selected Works

tous unis by Claire Biette

tous unis

Paintings - 80x80 cm
arbre de vie, la sérénité by Claire Biette

arbre de vie, la sérénité

Paintings - 100x80 cm
Musique et danse, la joie de vivre by Claire Biette
Force intérieure by Claire Biette

Force intérieure

Paintings - 55x38 cm
le temps des confidences by Claire Biette

le temps des confidences

Paintings - 55x38 cm
Les couleurs de l'été by Claire Biette

Les couleurs de l'été

Paintings - 50x100 cm
trio musical by Claire Biette

trio musical

Paintings - 70x50 cm
lumières d'automne by Claire Biette

lumières d'automne

Paintings - 70x100 cm
tournées vers la lumière by Claire Biette

tournées vers la lumière

Paintings - 30x30 cm
tous ensemble by Claire Biette

tous ensemble

Paintings - 30x30 cm


Paintings - 40x40 cm


Paintings - 30x30 cm


Paintings - 100x80 cm

harmonies de printemps

Paintings - 60x60 cm


Paintings - 89x116 cm

joie de vivre

Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 50x100 cm

L'espérance d'un jour nouveau

Paintings - 89x116 cm

Un jour de pêche

Paintings - 40x60 cm

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