Anne Juliette Deschamps is a visual artist, born in Bourges, France. She lives and works in Fontenay aux Roses, France. After a 1st cycle at the Beaux-Arts de Bourges, she obtained a scenography diploma at the Paris Higher School of Arts and Techniques. A first workforce, initiated by a TOYS art edition project, was partly under the name of AJEE until 2016. It explores shape and light through work inviting contemplation, composed of sculptures and paintings responding within scenographic installations.

Selected Works

Ice blue polar bear on white triangle by Ajee
Half floe white by Ajee

Half floe white

Paintings - 70x130 cm
White by Ajee


Sculpture - 120x150 cm
White polar bear on ice blue triangle by Ajee
Half girl / owl by Ajee

Half girl / owl

Drawings - 33x63 cm
Half bear / owl by Ajee

Half bear / owl

Drawings - 33x63 cm
Half bird / fox by Ajee

Half bird / fox

Drawings - 33x63 cm
Half girl / bear by Ajee

Half girl / bear

Drawings - 33x63 cm
Link girl / bear by Ajee

Link girl / bear

Paintings - 51x66 cm
Prologue by Ajee


Paintings - 109x95 cm

Land escape

Paintings - 52x33 cm


Drawings - 36x26 cm


Paintings - 120x94 cm

Fresh to death

Paintings - 97x70 cm


Drawings - 67x52 cm


Paintings - 28x20 cm


Drawings - 28x41 cm


Paintings - 28x20 cm

Fluo pink fur

Paintings - 142x108 cm

Fluo red

Paintings - 142x108 cm

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