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Valérie Chrétien


The artist Valérie Christian painted to transmit emotions, but also to provoke them. Serenity, nostalgia, change of scenery, his works are all invitations to travel, temporal and geographic. His source of inspiration: the emblematic places of his life The artist draws his inspiration from the emblematic periods and places of his life. Africa, Madagascar and Latin America were its youth territories where it rubbed shoulders with daily misery. But Valérie Christian has only kept colorful memories, which she reproduces with a simplicity which gives her paintings a universal character. Brittany, the land of roots and refuge, occupies the other essential place of its work. Valérie Christian resides there and nourishes her work with her solo walks on the customs road and the deserted beaches. The unpredictability of the end result In her workshop, Valérie Christian strives to detach herself from the figurative to get rid of the rules, reformulating on the canvas what she saw, from a non -realistic angle, in yellow, red and blue. On the floor, the canvas is covered with Past Modeling or Marouflated Papiers on which it applies layers of paint which, to give relief, will be rubbed, scratched and even sanded. Then she recovers these "paint juices" which, in addition to pigments, will enhance the other canvases having dried on the easels. Art always contains a part of mystery that Valérie Christian maintains by finalizing its creation only at the very last moment. She chooses to mix the abstract and the figurative by sketching a sail, a rock on the foreshore, or to give free rein to the imagination of the spectator, in front of a canvas devoid of familiar benchmarks. It is this unpredictability of the final result which also appeals to it in the inks that it has been practicing in recent years, and which, thanks to the alchemy taking place between liquids and papers, always contain a part of unknown.

Selected Works

Voiles blanches

Paintings - 30x90 cm

Paysage abstrait

Paintings - 160x130 cm

Eléphant et massaïs

Paintings - 150x150 cm

Voiles blanches

Paintings - 40x120 cm

Balade en mer

Paintings - 56x45 cm

Voiles blanches

Paintings - 40x120 cm

Balade en mer

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Paysage vert II

Paintings - 120x120 cm


Paintings - 56x45 cm

Matin jaune

Paintings - 92x65 cm

abstraction bleue

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Enfant nomade

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Marchand ambulant

Paintings - 54x46 cm


Paintings - 50x100 cm

Entre deux averses

Drawings - 20x25 cm


Paintings - 56x45 cm

Temps suspendu

Paintings - 80x80 cm


Paintings - 50x50 cm

Arbre rouge

Paintings - 41x33 cm

Vers le puits

Paintings - 80x80 cm

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