Born in Paris, Mad325 began graffiti in 1989 under the name of "Mad". In 2015, the artist added 325 to his name in tribute to his grandfather imprisoned by the Nazis at the Rawa-Ruska camp (Stalag 325). His painting is interested in individual and collective behaviors in social life and the fragility of these relationships as well as in its links which unite beings and events through which these links are tied and untied: in a mixture of violence, anxiety, desire, for fear of the sacred, despair, forfeiture and research of love. His painting also dwells on pathologies linked to transgression and the sadomasochistic conception of human relations. In form, the features and lines that cross its characters, express these social phenomena structured by a dynamic of a relational nature. The crossing of lines through them are similar to the interactions determined by different social positions that are manifested through cognitive behaviors and mechanisms such as prejudices and stereotypes produced during our exchanges. The passage of the patriarchal era, Puritan and moralizing which encouraged the refoulement of desires would generate shame and guilt in our era, permissive and individualistic which induces perversion, is a great source of inspiration. "Writing is not described. Painting is not portraying. Looking is only trompe-l'oeil." "..on has the impression of being at the heart of human matter ... Smoothness of Smooth .." Andrée Pulicani "Thank you for your work that is both strong in symbol and rich in meaning very in line with the news, I really like and it's sincere" Aurélie Leroy "A totally modern cubism! Bravo!" Joseph de Valois "I like what you do because it's just beautiful. Years drawings look like no one other than yourself. This is authentic. This is what is called art. "" Pat Deau "I like your technique with its dynamic features, which manage to bring out faces with the sweetness of the human being in a chiaroscuro contrast which gives a force to the painting" Wioletta Nasilowska

Selected Works

3A1000228 by MAD325


Prints - 50x60 cm
3A1000223 by MAD325


Prints - 60x40 cm
3A100024 by MAD325


Prints - 35x50 cm


Paintings - 80x120 cm


Paintings - 80x120 cm
Dessin n°44 by MAD325

Dessin n°44

Drawings - 33x43 cm
Dessin n°37 by MAD325

Dessin n°37

Drawings - 33x43 cm
Dessin n°31 by MAD325

Dessin n°31

Drawings - 33x43 cm
You're really a cry (original 90x60cm) by MAD325

Full up (original 70x100cm)

Paintings - 100x70 cm

The soldier (original 70x50cm)

Paintings - 70x50 cm

Together (original 70x50cm)

Paintings - 70x50 cm

Future is now

Paintings - 100x70 cm

El toro ( original 70x100cm)

Paintings - 70x100 cm

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