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Pierre-Yves Beltran

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Through his abstract geometric works, Pierre-Yves Beltran invites you to call on your imagination to interpret his works with sensitivity and poetry. Geometry and abstraction Born in Oran in Algeria, Pierre-Yves Beltran lives and now works in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France. Through his abstract works, the artist wishes to transmit his sensitivity by means of forms and colors, which he assembles in unique compositions, which sometimes seem inspired by the supremacist works of Kasimir Malevitch. His warm -colored works invite the spectator to be lulled by his imagination. His geometric compositions question, suggest us, evoke us ... A complete artist Pierre-Yves Beltran produces works on paper and on canvas and uses various materials, such as acrylic, oil, gouache, markers, graphite or collage. Thanks to these different mediums, the artist wishes to make, within the composition of his works, transparency, an impression of almost architectural construction, color temperature, rigor and lightness, thus allowing him to induce a certain form poetry.

Pierre-Yves Beltran Artworks

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    Volumes et géométrie/ reliefs by Pierre-Yves Beltran
    Grand volume 3 by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Grand volume 3

    Paintings - 75x110 cm
    Texture by Pierre-Yves Beltran


    Paintings - 65x50 cm
    Composition équilibre by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Composition équilibre

    Paintings - 50x65 cm
    Triangle d'or by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Triangle d'or

    Paintings - 40x30 cm
    Métal by Pierre-Yves Beltran


    Paintings - 65x50 cm
    Eco'art 4 by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Eco'art 4

    Paintings - 99x67 cm
    Eco'art 8 by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Eco'art 8

    Paintings - 71x179 cm
    Eco'art 3 by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Eco'art 3

    Paintings - 92x72 cm
    Eco'art 1 by Pierre-Yves Beltran

    Eco'art 1

    Paintings - 95x72 cm

    Eco'art 2

    Paintings - 94x75 cm


    Paintings - 87x72 cm

    Concept structure 13

    Paintings - 95x70 cm

    Concept structure 12

    Paintings - 70x95 cm

    Concept structure 11

    Paintings - 70x95 cm

    Concept structure 10

    Paintings - 70x95 cm

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