Laurent Jargot


Laurent Jargot first turned to a figurative style. Through & nbsp; body drawing in various attitudes or situations evoking in particular solitude and meditation, he sought to represent the energy emanating from these subjects. Then, gradually, his work naturally turned to the abstract. "Everything is energy and vibration: a flow of messages that turns into our mind into an electric impulse. These flows are constant, and detectable. These travel and get out of point in point to cross us. They are witnesses and signals of the living. envisaged as a kind of imaginary magnetic resonance, his painting seeks & now to give form essentially to all kinds of emotion: & nbsp; 'Effervescence, joy, annoyance, ... In summary, the living that lives in us. She draws in particular her inspiration from scientific imagery. "The painting of Laurent Jargot & nbsp; borrows from the various tools and supports to explore & nbsp; , but acrylic (ink and painting) and natural pigments & nbsp; remain its favorite mediums.

Selected Works

Phénoménal by Laurent Jargot


Paintings - 100x100 cm
Souffle de rêve by Laurent Jargot

Souffle de rêve

Paintings - 27x27 cm
Psychorolik 3 by Laurent Jargot

Psychorolik 3

Paintings - 43x33 cm
Psychorolik 2 by Laurent Jargot

Psychorolik 2

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Joie et sérénité by Laurent Jargot

Joie et sérénité

Paintings - 42x29 cm
Connexion 01 by Laurent Jargot

Connexion 01

Drawings - 30x30 cm
Structure mère 01 by Laurent Jargot

Structure mère 01

Paintings - 42x29 cm
Au coeur du problème by Laurent Jargot

Au coeur du problème

Paintings - 42x30 cm
Petite effusion by Laurent Jargot

Petite effusion

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Lacher prise by Laurent Jargot

Lacher prise

Drawings - 40x29 cm

Réflexion 01

Paintings - 29x21 cm

Ca va passer...

Paintings - 40x24 cm


Photography - 60x50 cm

Enjoy 03

Paintings - 25x25 cm

La vibration de l'envie

Paintings - 75x50 cm

Flux 01

Paintings - 100x100 cm

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