Claire Mériel


I live and painted on the periphery west of Paris. My different experiences and plastic research led me to create my own world.

I collect all kinds of papers to design poetic works born of a subtle harmony between drawing and collage. Reveries that I express by color or black, on large formats or miniatures, most often on paper supports.

It's not just collage ... Indeed, over artistic encounters, I make series, which I call seasonal, like nudes, evanescent landscapes, imagined, inspired landscapes ... the tree structures ...

I hope to open a door to the dream, in my particular world, and then, I like to tell stories in my very small formats ... "

"In the intimacy of the very small format, it does not hide anything, everything appears ..."

Selected Works

"Collages...Le retour 10" by Claire Mériel

"Collages...Le retour 10"

Collage - 20x20 cm
"Collages...Le retour 06" by Claire Mériel

"Collages...Le retour 06"

Collage - 20x20 cm
"Collages...Le retour 05" by Claire Mériel

"Collages...Le retour 05"

Collage - 20x20 cm
"Collages...Le retour 08" by Claire Mériel

"Collages...Le retour 08"

Collage - 20x20 cm
"Collages...Le retour 11" by Claire Mériel

"Collages...Le retour 11"

Collage - 20x20 cm
Sur l’Eau… by Claire Mériel

Sur l’Eau…

Paintings - 50x50 cm
Blessure by Claire Mériel


Paintings - 65x54 cm
Clémence 02 by Claire Mériel

Clémence 02

Drawings - 25x16 cm
Clémence 01 by Claire Mériel

Clémence 01

Drawings - 25x16 cm
Gleice-10 by Claire Mériel


Drawings - 25x16 cm


Drawings - 25x16 cm


Drawings - 25x16 cm


Drawings - 25x16 cm

Nu Floral-Lilli-04

Drawings - 42x32 cm

Nu Floral-Lilli-03

Drawings - 42x32 cm

Nu Floral-Lilli-02

Drawings - 42x32 cm

Nu floral-Lilli-01

Drawings - 32x42 cm

Nu en mouvement-Patrizia-10

Drawings - 21x21 cm

Nu en mouvement-Mariana-06

Drawings - 20x20 cm

Nu en mouvement-Mariana-04

Drawings - 20x20 cm

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