Big Ben


The works of Big Ben, are above all games ... Games of shapes, scenes, characters, spirit, slices of lives, uncompromising moods that appear with humor and finesse on the walls of Lyon. Big Ben offers a childish and terribly sharpened look at our time. All subjects are good for creations, diversion and other artistic compositions, for a result that immediately triggers the smile and good humor.

Selected Works

So Lonely by Big Ben

So Lonely

Paintings - 30x180 cm
l'ogre by Big Ben


Paintings - 52x61 cm
Venus Urbaine by Big Ben

Venus Urbaine

Paintings - 47x39 cm
Crooked grind to fakie by Big Ben

Crooked grind to fakie

Paintings - 35x80 cm
Secret kiss by Big Ben

Secret kiss

Paintings - 130x81 cm
Homage à bourguereau 2017 by Big Ben

Homage à bourguereau 2017

Paintings - 89x130 cm
Animal stone : le panda by Big Ben

Animal stone : le panda

Paintings - 60x60 cm
BB Phone by Big Ben

BB Phone

Paintings - 96x36 cm
BB Phone by Big Ben

BB Phone

Paintings - 96x36 cm
Venus 2.0 by Big Ben

Venus 2.0

Paintings - 46x86 cm

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