Muriel Napoli


What is found in the paintings of Muriel Napoli is the capacity that the nature of transforming independently of the action of man, from origin to the present. Formation of oceans, origin of water on earth, sedimentation, fire, magma, coal formation, planets, accretion, geological phenomena ... "I mix the plant, the mineral, the elements and the different manifestations of these elements. I make the most of everything that man added to the world, all the transformations brought by him, which is artificial. My work tends to link the universe to beings and things, to form a whole, a whole. "

Selected Works

Nature 347 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 347

Paintings - 100x160 cm
Nature 319 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 319

Paintings - 140x100 cm
Nature 320 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 320

Paintings - 120x140 cm
Nature 329 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 329

Paintings - 120x140 cm
Nature 315 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 315

Paintings - 120x160 cm
Nature 322 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 322

Paintings - 120x120 cm
Nature 324 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 324

Paintings - 120x120 cm
Nature 323 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 323

Paintings - 120x120 cm
Nature 294 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 294

Paintings - 90x100 cm
Nature 253 by Muriel Napoli

Nature 253

Paintings - 120x100 cm

Nature 305

Paintings - 100x200 cm

Nature 312

Paintings - 140x200 cm

Nature 252

Paintings - 100x120 cm

Nature 311

Paintings - 200x120 cm

Nature 309

Paintings - 160x200 cm

Nature 310

Paintings - 160x200 cm

Nature 235

Paintings - 160x100 cm

nature 241

Paintings - 120x60 cm

Nature 249

Paintings - 80x120 cm

Nature 177

Paintings - 90x90 cm

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