Nathalie Dumontier


Nathalie Dumontier works the material, the pigment, and created colored canvases in an abstract and lyrical style. Navigating a deeply vibrating turquoise in black, it releases the gesture and lets the sensations explode in intense canvases. Between shade and light games Born in 1964 in Eure-et-Loir, Nathalie Dumontier developed two passions in her youth: sport and painting. Sports educator for 20 years, she decided in 2006 to leave everything and devote herself entirely to painting. In 2008, she followed a stained glass formation that enabled her to enrich her creativity and technique. She finds in the work of the glass, the games of shadow and light, transparency and opacity that she works in her painting. The technique is different as well as the angle of attack, but the approach is resolutely the same, the two expressions complement each other. Release the gesture and feelings Nathalie Dumontier regularly exhibits her paintings and glass pieces in individual and collective exhibitions. The non-figuration allows him to free himself from conveniences and rules, to deepen his pictorial research to say something, to speak freely: it is a way to say. She sleeps on the canvas the strata of her memories, her state changes, her impressions, all the sensations they have left in her by bringing matter or on the contrary of fluidity to her painting. Opacity and transparency clash, feelings are jostling, oppose. This work nourishes her, gives her pleasure, also torments her, forces her to go further, to explore her deepest disorders.

Selected Works

La vie est belle ! by Nathalie Dumontier

La vie est belle !

Paintings - 42x33 cm
Les ciels d'été by Nathalie Dumontier

Les ciels d'été

Paintings - 42x33 cm
Les vagues écumantes by Nathalie Dumontier

Les vagues écumantes

Paintings - 42x33 cm
Rester encore, sentir les embruns by Nathalie Dumontier
Partir à la campagne by Nathalie Dumontier

Partir à la campagne

Paintings - 81x60 cm
Et, si tu  rêves... by Nathalie Dumontier

Et, si tu rêves...

Paintings - 73x60 cm
Après l'orage by Nathalie Dumontier

Après l'orage

Paintings - 120x120 cm
Et, si on allait... by Nathalie Dumontier

Et, si on allait...

Paintings - 90x90 cm
La vie rêvée by Nathalie Dumontier

La vie rêvée

Paintings - 89x116 cm

Si le temps...

Paintings - 30x24 cm

Regarder le ciel

Paintings - 65x50 cm

À quoi tu songes ?

Paintings - 65x50 cm

Le reflet du couchant

Paintings - 65x50 cm

Et si les rêves...

Paintings - 65x50 cm

Si la vie

Paintings - 24x19 cm

La douceur d'un hiver

Paintings - 24x19 cm

Du soleil dans ma vie

Paintings - 92x73 cm

L'heure bleue

Paintings - 24x19 cm

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