Roselin Estephanía


Roselin Estephanía (March, 1994), born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. With more than a decade of experience, she is a Venezuelan artist focused on watercolor. Her style tends to blend surrealism with realism in a mix of pure fantasy. Her collectors are attracted to her unique aesthetic in her original paintings. For Roselin, her art is her most faithful way of transmitting both the beautiful and the saddest parts of life.

She attended the University of Zulia to study Plastic Arts, she finished her specialty mention in drawing. Even though she's been a full time artist for over a decade, it was only a couple of years ago that Roselin started selling her originals, feeling them very personal, but the fact that there are collectors all over the world buying them makes her feel that her message is understood, and that what she is trying to communicate is appreciated.

Coming from a country like Venezuela can be limiting and exhausting. Not only politically, or economically, but mentally and emotionally. Their current situation bleeds into her work constantly; "it's my reality, sometimes I feel like I'm screaming into a void." So even though she's pretty optimistic, and loves to see the beauty everywhere, Roselin must face the sharp contrast of their horror whenever she's outside of her house.

Either way, she just keeps painting.

Selected Works

Nuestra Señora de los Horrores by Roselin Estephanía
Se transmuta, se transmite by Roselin Estephanía

Se transmuta, se transmite

Paintings - 31x23 cm
Hasta la raíz by Roselin Estephanía

Hasta la raíz

Paintings - 31x23 cm
Margaritas by Roselin Estephanía


Paintings - 23x16 cm
Rubiecita I by Roselin Estephanía

Rubiecita I

Paintings - 21x15 cm
Rubiecita II by Roselin Estephanía

Rubiecita II

Paintings - 21x15 cm
Rubiecita III by Roselin Estephanía

Rubiecita III

Paintings - 21x15 cm
Lollipop by Roselin Estephanía


Paintings - 21x15 cm
Piscis by Roselin Estephanía


Paintings - 31x23 cm
La cantante by Roselin Estephanía

La cantante

Paintings - 31x23 cm

La fille

Paintings - 11x21 cm

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