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Niall Stevenson


My most recent work has been informed by walking in the landscape; particularly in Scotland. I have tried to find ways to paint my experience of being in these environments, often using sites of archaeological interest (cairns, hill forts, enclosures etc) as a starting point for image-making. The pictures are not intended to be bucolic or pertain to any romantic notions of the wilderness, but rather try to show a more idiosyncratic vision of how I encounter various topographies. I am particularly interested in the ways in which time has erased traces of culture from the landscape and how fragments of remaining structures can act as a catalyst for interpretive thought processes.

Recent exhibitions:

2023: Upcoming: Robert Callender Residency Project Overview, Edinburgh (venue tbc) 2022: Looking for You, Project Room, Glasgow 2020: Ways of Thinking, Art Spot Korin, Kyoto 2020: Locked In, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh 2019: Tragicom: Slugs and Snails, West Barns Arts, West Barns, Dunbar 2019: Art Check-In, Taneri Studio, Seto, Japan 2019: Tragicom (Act I, II, & III), Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh 2018: Robert Callender: Plastic Beach ...poetry of the everyday, City Art Centre, Edinburgh 2017: Tribute (solo show), Weissraum Gallery, Kyoto 2017 Silly Rabbit, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh 2016: Challenge, Trinity Apse, Edinburgh 2016: Masters Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art 2016: Interim, Talbot Rice, Edinburgh

Selected Works

Road Study

Paintings - 24x24 cm

Railway Study

Paintings - 81x73 cm

Study for a Landscape (S)

Paintings - 26x35 cm

The Tongue (Second Version)

Paintings - 26x34 cm

Enclosure II

Paintings - 26x40 cm

Enclosure I

Paintings - 26x40 cm

Landscape (W)

Paintings - 180x180 cm

German Landscape (Drachenfels)

Paintings - 120x180 cm

Journey's End

Paintings - 164x137 cm

Landscape (B)

Paintings - 163x160 cm

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