Cristina Lopez Casas


I am Chilean and Mexican. I left Chile when I was 28. Married and with two sons. I lived in California for 4 years, in Boston for 6 years, and I moved permanently to Mexico in 2003. After 14 years in Mexico City I moved to the southern state of Oaxaca, a truly special place in this planet, with amazing diversity in nature, languages, gastronomy, archeology, textiles and all sorts of artistic expressions, particularly music and printing. I don't think I will migrate again. It has been difficult for me because it is hard to be away from family and not to have a national identity. However, I know it is the only way I can concentrate and finally make painting the most important thing in my daily activities. El arte es mi país. I studied Graphic Design in Chile in the 80s. I went back to school in 2011 and I studied for a Masters Degree in Visual Arts on Painting. I became a Mexican citizen that same year. The subject of my thesis is "Arte fantástico de México 1960-2012". A shorter version of my thesis was published in Revista Brumal from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 2016. I was selected for the bienal "Perez Romo" in Aguascalientes and as an illustrator, to be part of the FILIJ 2014 catalog. I did my first Painting class on Flemish techniques in Taller Tamayo in Oaxaca, 2019. I am currently teaching two sessions a week in a Drink and Paint start-up, hoping to engage women with no art background, in the art of painting.

Selected Works

Painter with cellphone by Cristina Lopez Casas

Painter with cellphone

Paintings - 60x50 cm
"Painter and plant" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"Painter and plant"

Paintings - 60x60 cm
"Juana, the writer" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"Juana, the writer"

Paintings - 60x60 cm
"Mexico 2019" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"Mexico 2019"

Paintings - 60x50 cm
"Costeñita" by Cristina Lopez Casas


Paintings - 44x70 cm
"Little Gregor Samsa" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"Little Gregor Samsa"

Paintings - 50x40 cm
"Florencia and the Onza" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"Florencia and the Onza"

Paintings - 60x50 cm
"Chicatana in Viña del Mar" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"Chicatana in Viña del Mar"

Paintings - 60x50 cm
"The answer" by Cristina Lopez Casas

"The answer"

Paintings - 120x90 cm


Paintings - 90x80 cm

"In the garden"

Paintings - 40x50 cm


Paintings - 60x70 cm

"Green light"

Paintings - 70x60 cm

"Printing artists"

Paintings - 60x70 cm

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