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        Cristina Lopez Casas


        I am a Chilean and Mexican artist. I left Chile when I was 28. I moved to California, and after that to Boston and I moved permanently to Mexico in 2003. After 14 years in Mexico City I moved to the southern state of Oaxaca, a truly special place in this planet, with amazing diversity in nature, languages, gastronomy, archeology, textiles and all sorts of artistic expressions, particularly music and printing. This is my last move. I studied Graphic Design in Chile in the 80s. It was a school of architecture and design and the teachers were artists that followed the Bauhaus principles adapted to the Chilean environment. The abstract agenda was not my cup of tea. In Mexico City I studied for a Masters Degree in Visual Arts on Painting. The subject of my thesis was "Arte fantástico de México 1960-2012". Where fantasy is understood in the literary sense, as a structure to confront the known with the unknown. A shorter version of my thesis was published in Revista Brumal from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 2016. The most important event in my career as an artist was to go back to school at 48 and to decide to focus on painting. I was selected for painting bienal "Perez Romo" in Aguascalientes and as an illustrator, to be part of the FILIJ 2014 catalog. I became a Mexican citizen in 2011. I did my first Painting class on Flemish techniques in Taller Tamayo in 2019. I taught the glazes technique for making flesh tones.

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